The Best Man to Die

The Best Man to Die

The Best Man to Die Who could have suspected that the exciting stag party for the groom would be the prelude to the murder of his close friend Charlie Hatton And Charlie s death was only the first in a string of puzzling

  • Title: The Best Man to Die
  • Author: Ruth Rendell
  • ISBN: 9780345345301
  • Page: 421
  • Format: Paperback
  • Who could have suspected that the exciting stag party for the groom would be the prelude to the murder of his close friend Charlie Hatton And Charlie s death was only the first in a string of puzzling murders involving small time gangsters, cheating husbands, and loose women Now Chief Inspector Wexford and his assistant join forces with the groom to track down a killer.Who could have suspected that the exciting stag party for the groom would be the prelude to the murder of his close friend Charlie Hatton And Charlie s death was only the first in a string of puzzling murders involving small time gangsters, cheating husbands, and loose women Now Chief Inspector Wexford and his assistant join forces with the groom to track down a killer .

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    This is the 4th book in the Inspector Wexford series by author Ruth Rendell.I never manage to read this series in the order they were written but I don't feel that it deflects at all from my overall enjoyment. I have now read about 5 books in this series and although I have given them all a moderate rating I have nevertheless enjoyed them and generally feel the more I read the better they get with the main characters becoming a lot more familiar.This novel features a stag party on the eve of Jac [...]

    Another Inspector Wexford mystery, this one from 1970 You read this, with characters who are too materialistic, too made-up (the women) who are wholly narcissistic and who are all about what they own, how much of it and who's looking at it, and you might think, okay, this was written today. We've got these sorts all around, just check the internetThen you realize these people have always been around; it's just the way they parade their wealth/status/arrogance which has changed. The book is fille [...]

    I'm slowly making my way through the Inspector Wexford books, and each one is an old-fashioned but not too old-fashioned pleasure: Rendell continues to use these as a showcase for the comfort-reading delight of blending Agatha Christie-style puzzle mysteries with a more real, textured world. The style here is always restrained, Wexford and Burden always witty, warm, and suitably irritated, and the crimes always seem solvable by the attentive reader, but the world is recognizably ours--well, reco [...]

    This was first published in 1969 and it shows in its evocation of a very different world: where having a lift put into a police station is A Very Big Deal, where even 'good' characters like Wexford can be pompously misogynistic, where buying a fridge or a 'record player' or a washing machine is firm evidence of wrong-doing on the part of working-class characters, where a young man in his 20s wears dentures I partly enjoyed this slice of social history but found Rendell's snide snobbery overbeari [...]

    Interesting enough that I read it all through (I'm very often a skipper if a book isn't holding me, life-is-too-short) but I won't retain much of it, except perhaps the large-headed dentist who made the most expensive false teeth in England. From the moment she described his big square head with hair to match I knew he was member of the unpleasant rich classes who feature so often in regional English crime. Mind you, I don't think there's a single nice person in this book. Wexford himself is chr [...]

    Whilst I've really enjoyed some of the author's books, this wasn't one of them. The plot was OK rather than gripping, and both Wexford and Burden were tiresomely pompous.

    I have a bit of a cold and there is a bit of an ice storm going on, the perfect (for me) excuses/reasons to sit more of less comfortably at home re-reading a partially remembered classic mysteries by Ruth Rendell. This was not one of her absolute best but still quite good; Wexford and Burden are faced with the death of a man almost everyone liked, other than the few citizens of Kingsmartin who really disliked him. None of them, of course, were the killer although each of them had both opportunit [...]

    Somewhat "Sourpuss" Characters Spoil Classic 1969 Police ProceduralNo one can complain that award winning Brit mystery author Ruth Rendell is anything but prolific - her some fifty novels span a career launched in the early 1960's now into our new millennium. About one-third of the stories, as herein with "Best Man", feature Chief Inspector Reg Wexford, who heads the Kingsmarkham district, which seems to correspond to maybe a county sheriff-type jurisdiction. In this tale, a fairly mild, tavern [...]

    This book was written 40 years ago, but it's still a great read. I love Rendell's Inspector Wexford series. Her mysteries are so well written, they practically read themselves. She knows just how to hook the reader and keep him/her turning the pages. In the past, many of the older books in the Wexford series haven't been available at the library, so I was thrilled to find this reissued paperback in the "new books" section. This is a short one (just 200 pages), but you actually get two mysteries [...]

    Not the best Wexford; in fact, he is almost unlikable in this book as is Shelia. The mystery - three bodies no less - is not really all that interesting. Rendell's word play and writing is great, but not the best Rendell either.

    Rendell, Ruth. THE BEST MAN TO DIE. (1969; this ed. 1975). ****. Rendell writes some of the most literate and dryly humorous mysteries ever written. This is an Inspector Wexford mystery, with all the usual players present, including his favorite sidekick, Detective Burden. In this installment, we meet the principal players at one of the local pubs, where a stag party is going on for Jack Pertwee, a local electrician who is about to be married the next day. All his friends from the local darts cl [...]

    Read by Robin BaileyTotal Runtime 6 Hours 5 MinsDescription: Jack Pertwee was getting married in the morning. Charlie Hatton drove his lorry eleven hours down from Leeds just to be there. Charlie was Jack's best friend and he would be his best man. When the two parted at the Kingsbrook bridge, Jack felt as though his life was just beginning. But for Charlie Hatton, life was about to end.Detective Chief Inspector Wexford wondered why the fatal Fanshawe car accident kept upsetting his concentratio [...]

    I think this might have been the first Ruth Rendell mystery that I discovered, and from then on, I was hooked. This early one, written in 1969, begins with a stag party for a groom, the late arrival of the generally unpopular best man, and his subsequent murder. Chief Inspector Wexford, who turns up again in many later books, unwinds the complex series of events that led up to the murder.I adore all of Ruth Rendell's novels, as she skillfully draws the reader into the mind of her protagonists, a [...]

    I was enjoying this until about two-thirds of the way through when this giant plot hole opened up that was never resolved. It essentially destroyed the story.Recall that in the beginning the aunt misidentified the dead girl from the car wreck because she was hideously burnt in the crash and, it is implied, was found in the car along with the deceased driver. Then, much later, a work acquaintance of the deceased is able to identify her from the remains of her charred and burnt stockings.Then we'r [...]

    I don’t read detective stories all that often, as most are slightly disappointing to me. But occasionally I pick one up, which is how I came to read Geknipt voor lijk.This one was alright, no more no less, although I must say I liked the televison series better than the book and while reading, I kept seeing George Baker and Christopher Ravenscroft :-) which helped in this case, as it made me visualize the story a bit more, as the writing itself just didn't do it for me (but you can get used to [...]

    Not as gripping as the prior book, but I didn't see the solution coming as it did. I enjoy seeing prior characters named, but earlier books need not be read to enjoy this one.

    A very well put together mystery. Rendell gives us lots of little clues and spins them into a fine story. She does a fine job in describing each of the main characters. I like this series a lot.

    The Lorrie DriverNot up to her usual standards I feel. Inspector Wexford is, of course, a plodding but intuitive detective who works until he gets his man. But the author does write novels that you don't put down until you reach the end.

    un poco aburrido para ser de Rendell. Creo que me gustan más las novelas que no son de Wexford como protagonista.

    There was a major discrepancy in the plot which spoiled my enjoyment. I usually like the Wexford mysteries more. He and Burden were not likable at all in this book to me.

    Some very non pc text in this book and it shows how crime fiction has moved on over the last 40 years. Made me cringe at times but a very easy read.

    Wexford at his most miserable I read most of these books years ago, remembered Wexford as less angry. Not a bad mystery. It depended upon more coincidences than I liked.

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