Murder Being Once Done

Murder Being Once Done

Murder Being Once Done The seventh book to feature the classic crime solving detective Chief Inspector Wexford It seems fitting that the final resting place of a girl s body should be in a graveyard But this is no peaceful

  • Title: Murder Being Once Done
  • Author: Ruth Rendell
  • ISBN: 9780553137859
  • Page: 251
  • Format: Paperback
  • The seventh book to feature the classic crime solving detective, Chief Inspector Wexford.It seems fitting that the final resting place of a girl s body should be in a graveyard But this is no peaceful burial This is a brutal murder scene.Under strict orders from his doctor to indulge in no criminal investigation, Wexford is sent to London for a break away from the pressuThe seventh book to feature the classic crime solving detective, Chief Inspector Wexford.It seems fitting that the final resting place of a girl s body should be in a graveyard But this is no peaceful burial This is a brutal murder scene.Under strict orders from his doctor to indulge in no criminal investigation, Wexford is sent to London for a break away from the pressures of the Kingsmarkham police force But then he discovers that his nephew Howard is heading the investigation into the macabre murder of Loveday Morgan, whose body was found abandoned in Kenbourne Cemetery.Despite opposition from Howard and his team, Wexford is drawn to the case And when he unearths Loveday s connection to a religious cult whose leader was imprisoned for sexual absue, he relentlessly pursues this sinister new lead

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    This is the 7th book in the Inspector Wexford series by author Ruth Rendell. I find Ruth Rendell books a little hit and miss and unfortunately for me this was a miss.It was ok but I expect a lot more from the books I read and especially from authors of the pedigree of Ruth Rendell. Chief Inspector Wexford is on leave in London while recovering from a medical problem and staying with his nephew who is a high ranking police officer. When a young woman is found murdered in a cemetery and the police [...]

    One of Rendell's better Inspector Wexford mysteries. Set in London, among the back streets, small vendors, dilapidated 'mansions' divided into smaller flats, and an old cemetery, AND a mausoleum, it doesn't get much better for a Wexford-mystery. There is no Mike Burden here; however, Wexford has to deal with a different Mike, who is just as arrogant and self-sure as Burden, though at least Burden respects the man he works for.The basic story is thus: Wexford, on 'vacation' in London due to healt [...]

    Ruth Rendell is one of the best writers in the English language. Period. She rises above the genres of police procedural and psychological thriller, and simply writes like a dream. I rarely remember inconsequential moments in books that I read, but years after reading certain scenes or comments, they still go through my mind. A tense woman, playing with her pearl necklace until it breaks and pearls spill across the floora woman described as looking young in the way that older women without makeu [...]

    got interrupted shoot proof reader - read arrow books paperback. would have been below minus in o levels montfort vault would have been taped off as scene of crime as body only discovered 24 hours previously why did mrs dearborn not contact police as girl was killed one the same day as she last saw her daughter why did wexford not ask for a photo of the girl why did he not follow up on scarf when mrs dearborn said it was missing why did he not immediately remember where he had seen the woman wit [...]

    From :Wexford collapses from overwork so is put on a month's leave. Instead of resting though, he decides to go and visit Mike, who is seconded to London. Although he should be resting, Wexford's dreams have drawn him towards Mike's case of a young murdered girl left lying in a vault, and a strong connection to the baby adoption business.4* Going Wrong4* The Keys to the Street3* The Fever Tree and Other Stories4* A Judgement in Stone3* Fall of the Coin4* People Don't Do Such Things3* The Girl Ne [...]

    Read a paperback copy of this book I’ve had sitting around for 33 years. My copy was printed in 1973. Thought the book might be a bit too dated, but it’s not. Ruth Rendell is a very gifted writer. Her character development is exceptional, she knows how to tell a story and she uses words masterfully. I’ll let her words do the talking:"The enthusiasm of a crusader had taken hold of Dearborn and as he talked a light came into his eyes. This was Kenbourne as it had been in the time of the four [...]

    I think the Wexford series of mysteries are not Ruth Rendell's best work. They are set in the 1970s and I found this one very dated in terms of social attitudest historical enough to be a period piece, but not really socially relevant to today.In this one, I felt the plot to be rather weak and the characters too stereotyped. The story wanders around and when the killer is revealed it seems totally unexpected as he has not appeared to be very much part of the story. Each chapter is headed by a qu [...]

    This was a re-reading of a book I had ripped through several years ago and while I recalled the outline and settings (settings are very important in some of Rendell's books, including this one) I had forgotten many of the details. This was a good time and place to re-read it. I was feeling a bit under the weather for a few days and read it an hour or so at a time concentrating, as I often do when not feeling well, on words and sentences instead of paragraphs and pages even though it was a bit of [...]

    I like the Inspector Wexford series because of Rendell's incisive writing AND because the characters are not as dark and twisted as in her later novels. This one satisfies on both counts. After experiencing an embolism in his eye, Wexford has been placed on a draconian and unrealistic diet/exercise/rest program, enforced by his wife and his relatives in London. 1000 calories a day? Puh-lease, this is the only unbelievable part! Naturally he is depressed and weakening quickly until a misunderstan [...]

    This my first Rendell book after passing her by all these years. Wish i hadn't, if this book is any indication.This is a lightly written mystery with engaging characters. The mystery is well plugged into a setting that is nearly claustrophobic due to the closeness of all elements in the community adding to the questions that arise. Adding more is that the hero of the story is supposed to be taking a vacation and Rendell makes full use of this nifty device to add flavor to the story.Rendell's cha [...]

    Wexford is out of his comfort zone and still feeling a little shook up by his recent medical issue. He's not as sure of himself here as he usually is, not as confident. And he's not treated with the same deference he is in his own town. It's a different look at the detective, but in the end after a misstep or two, his intuition and perseverance get them to the killer, even though it's a twisty road.If I have one complaint about this book, it's the identity of the killer. In most mysteries, the k [...]

    This book was truly hilarious! I really liked it, much more than the other Ruth Rendell book I read when I was studying for the bar. (N.B. That entire summer still remains a really vivid memory in my head, and I specifically remember laying in bed at 3 a.m. in the stifling heat with my barbri books scattered around everywhere trying to finish End in Tears to find out what happened.) Ruth does seem a lot more current/up-to-date/modern than AC, and I didn't realize until the end that this book was [...]

    This is my first Ruth Rendell. It was enjoyable but it was a bit annoying in that the majority of the book followed a story line that was very interesting and engaging but ended up being the side story. The murderer ends up being some one that has a marginal role and feels like an afterthought. I think that for me, mystery writers have to measure up against Phyllis! And not many do!

    An excellent well thought out mystery! I loved every minute reading it and was so glad to be reunited with my old friend inspector Wexford. It had me guessing who the murderer was until the very end. Cudos go to Ruth Rendell and Wexford.

    Enjoyable as an audiobook, Ruth Rendell reduces Wexford to a stressed out cop with no confidence. As he (on medical leave) and wife Dora visit a relation, Wexford is vexed by the clever Superintendent of Police. A girl is found dead in a local cemetery. The investigation goes in one direction while Wexford, bored, starts his own inquiries.First half moved along briskly, but Rendell's red herrings are probably the best part of the novel. Yet reality sets in and things are different than they firs [...]

    Typically literate and amusing English mystery. Just getting started. I read another RR book a couple of years ago, a thriller more than a mystery, and didn't particularly care for it. This one seems better so far. This is a 1980 paperback Bantam.So a body's showed up, Reg has shown himself to be a bit of a paranoid wild (old) man and a crypt takes center stage in two consecutive books(I'm also reading "Lincoln in the Bardo")! Also, a London street scene reminiscent of "If Nobody Speaks Remark [...]

    I've read other books by Ruth Rendell - years ago, probably still have a few of the paperbacks packed away in boxes. I had the general sense that I like her mysteries, so I grabbed this audio from my local library. I listened to it a few months ago, and, quite honestly, I don't remember much about it. Perhaps that is what happens when one reads so many cozy mysteries. In reading others' reviews I'm beginning to recall a bit of the plot, but I guess I have to say it was not remarkable enough to s [...]

    Nem annyira tetszett. Nekem egy kicsit lassú volt, nehezen bontakozott ki a történet, és számomra kicsit zavaros volt, ahogyan folyton újabb és újabb lehetőségek merültek fel az áldozat személyére vonatkozóan. Viszont: nagyon tetszett a vidéki detektívfelügyelő nyomozása, ahogyan mozgott a számára ismeretlen londoni közegben, és ahogy végül remekül kiismerte magát.

    I am really enjoying reading mysteries by earlier authors. They are full of read herrings and interesting characters .However I might be able to solve it earlier if the important clues were given before the last chapter.

    This is my first Rendell novel and I enjoyed this true mystery. Nice to read about a police inspector who doesn't think he's perfect. The characters were all well developed and the plot moved at the normal pace - lots of patience and digging required to get info on Wexford's part.

    Really not bad. Amazed at author's ability to weave what would seem to be fraying ends together. Also quite short, perfect way to pass some time.

    This was the second Ruth Rendell book I've finished. I'm enjoying "getting to know" Inspector Wexford and the way he solves his mysteries.

    Another Inspector Wexford murder mystery, this crime happens while he is staying at a nephews's home and is recovering from a slight stroke. He recovers quite well, and is happy at the conclusion to get back to his home and his home-base.

    Murder Being Once Done was one of my favourite TV adaptations of Ruth Rendell's Inspector Wexford murder mysteries, mainly because the usually so astute, self-confident policeman is confronted with his own mortality for once rather than just contemplating the lives of those involved in the crime he's investigating. Recovering from a series illness, Wexford and his wife Dora go to London to stay with Wexford's nephew Howard Fortune and his wife Denise for a month. Wexford's nephew is a superinten [...]

    Murder Being Once Done ~Vintage (9)A Mystery within a mystery, April 9, 2012 By Ellen Rappaport (Florida) This review is from: Murder Being Once Done (Paperback) This is my first Inspector Wexford mystery and perhaps I expected more from an author such as Ruth Rendell. Let me say that this British mystery took me on a journey with the Inspector. In the first chapter we find the Inspector at home and being quarded by his family on a daily basis. He is supposed to be on leave from work. Why is all [...]

    "Murder Being Once Done" (Inspector Wexford #7) takes starting chapter quotations from Sir Thomas Moore's book, "Utopia", and opens with the body of a young girl being found in an old cemetery in London. Chief Inspector Reginald Wexford is in London, too, on orders of his doctor, the curmudgeonly Dr. Crocker. His health hasn't been good of late (he's had a thrombosis in his eye), and Crocker has ordered him to get some rest. No alcohol. No rich foods. And especialy no police work. To Wexford, th [...]

    This was my introduction to Ruth Rendell, and what an introduction it was!I really did enjoy this. I understand the crime genre too much to be surprised by where the plot goes, so even though I guessed everything that there was to guess in this book, I found it a satisfying intellectual trip. Rendell writes intelligently. Maybe there is room to make clues a bit more obscure, but then, not all readers cut there their teeth on crime fiction and can smell a clue from a mile away. Or am I being over [...]

    This is the book in which Wexford takes a step towards the sympathetic. He has had a health scare, and his physician has ordered him to rest and take steps to improve his health. He and his wife Dora head up to London for a few weeks’ stay with their nephew (a London police inspector) and his wife. Soon Wexford is up to his neck in police work again, aiding his nephew Howard in the case of a girl found strangled in a local cemetery vault. Howard’s associates see Wexford as an elderly provinc [...]

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