Live Flesh

Live Flesh

Live Flesh Victor Jenner is a sociopath After ten years in prison for shooting and permanently crippling a young policeman Victor is released to a strange new world and told to make a new life for himself It s

  • Title: Live Flesh
  • Author: Ruth Rendell
  • ISBN: 9780345344854
  • Page: 274
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Victor Jenner is a sociopath After ten years in prison for shooting and permanently crippling a young policeman, Victor is released to a strange new world and told to make a new life for himself It s hard to adjust to civilian life, but at least there s one blessing he was never convicted for all those rapes he committed Then Victor meets David, the policeman he sVictor Jenner is a sociopath After ten years in prison for shooting and permanently crippling a young policeman, Victor is released to a strange new world and told to make a new life for himself It s hard to adjust to civilian life, but at least there s one blessing he was never convicted for all those rapes he committed Then Victor meets David, the policeman he shot, and David s beautiful girlfriend, Clare And suddenly Victor s new life is starting to look an awful lot like the old one.

    Live Flesh Directed by Pedro Almodvar With Liberto Rabal, Francesca Neri, Javier Bardem, ngela Molina After leaving jail, Vctor is still in love with Elena, but she s married to the former cop now basketball player who became paralysed by a shot from Vctor s gun Live Flesh film Live Flesh is a Spanish erotic romantic drama thriller film, written and directed by Pedro Almodvar, starring Liberto Rabal, Javier Bardem and Francesca Neri The film is loosely based on the eponymous book by British crime writer Ruth Rendell. Watch Live Flesh Prime Video Live Flesh . h min R Critically acclaimed writer director Pedro Almodvar Tie Me Up , Tie Me Down tells atale brimming with lust, betrayal and murder Rolling Stone about an ex con who falls forhis arresting officer s wife Live Flesh Carne trmula Rotten Tomatoes Live Flesh Carne trmula Critics Consensus Live Flesh surveys the fallout from an act of violence with a mature melodrama that sees Pedro Almodvar working in surprisingly restrained form. Live Flesh Reviews Metacritic Live Flesh is an often surprising assemblage of attractive parts that never seems to earn a full emotional response feb Live Flesh by Ruth Rendell Live Flesh tells the story of Victor, an accidental criminal The story of a rapist who was never charged , Victor after spending than a decade in jail, he is finally free released from prison under the charge of attempted murder of a policeman, David It was all an accident, he believed. LIVE FLESH by Ruth Rendell Kirkus Reviews When Rendell goes all out for psychopathology rather than conventional suspense, the results can sometimes truly be riveting as in the case of A Judgement in Stone Often, however, as in this new novel about a severely disturbed ex convict, Rendell s clinical studies can become pathetic and oppressive than compelling, especially if the story like this one lacks a strongly appealing Live Flesh Live Flesh, is a psychological thriller by British author Ruth Rendell, published in It won the Crime Writers Association Gold Dagger for best crime novel of the year It was adapted into a film of the same name by Pedro Almodvar. Live Flesh Variety Live Flesh A single bullet fired during a bungled police intervention causes a ricochet effect in the lives of five characters in Live Flesh Pedro Almodovar s carefully layered, interlocking Live Flesh Full Cast Crew Live Flesh cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and .

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    3,5 το βιβλίο το οποίο ηταν η έμπνευση για τον Αλμοντοβαρ στην ταινία του live flesh ( τίτλος στα αγγλικά ) . Πολυ ενδιαφέρον

    I wasn't going to write a review of this but I feel like I want to get back into the "swing" of .This is my first Ruth Rendell book but I know a fair bit about her. I know that her corpus is divided into two camps--the detective mystery series starring a recurring police inspector (my mom loves these books but they sound boring to me; all whodunits are boring to me unless they were written by hard-drinking badasses in the mid-20th century), and the non-series crime novels which are more psycholo [...]

    i read this because Ian Rankin included it on a list of his five favorite literary crime novels. i liked three of the other books he picked a lot (The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner, Bleak House, and The Name of the Rose) so i figured i'd give it a shot. but, yeah i don't know. rendell's a good writer who stays very focused and the book is hard to put down, but the whole thing is so obvious from the start. it's like the playing out of a foregone conclusion there's no hope [...]

    Very much like a Patricia Highsmith psychological thriller. Victor Jenner, in his late 30s, has just been released after a ten-year stint in prison for attempted murder. He shot a police officer, David Fleetwood, paralyzing him below the waist. He is also a serial rapist, but not many people know this; apparently he admitted a few rapes to the court but was not charged for them, weirdly. Aside from the first chapter, we spend the whole novel inside Victor's mind, which is a horrible place to be, [...]

    It speaks volumes to Rendell's talent as an author that she was able to take such reprehensive reprobates for protagonists and make their stories be such compelling reads. Traditionally I do prefer likeable heroes/heroines, but it just leaves me all the more amazed at how lost I can get in the tales of the amoral, charmless, pathetic individuals that Rendell used to so vividly bring to life throughout her prolific career. This time around, the miscreant is Victor, a man recently freed after ten [...]

    Interesting: most readers here rate it lowest of Rendell's books. I rate it highest.Yes, it is about a detestable character, but I came to sympathize with him. The title is a clue. Rendell has made this character, a serial rapist, one large involuntary twitch.The psychology strikes me as trendy and not very reliable. But the story is expertly done, and remains my favorite book by this author when not writing under the name Barbara Vine.

    This is a tough one, because I usually like Rendell's work. Her prose is as powerful as ever in this one, there are some really brilliant moments, and you really get inside the characters. The problem for me was that not only is the protagonist detestable, he's also incredibly boring, which makes it a long read as you spend the entire book (aside from the first chapter) inside his head. Victor is a serial rapist who has never been convicted of any of his rapes, but has done time for shooting a d [...]

    This was an interesting read. Masterfully written indeed.3.5 to 4 starsLet's be honest here, the reason I bought the book was because I saw it on a bookstore. But man, it was worth it alright. This is one book that really captures the persona of an accidental criminal with so much context and depth. It shouldn't be considered much of a story but instead an insight of an emotionally-scarred man, and the reasons why he did what he did. It may be a dull story for some, but it is a kind of different [...]

    After reading the other reviews of this book, I appear to be in the minority since I thought this psychological study of a rapist/murderer was fascinating. No, it wasn't a mystery as we usually expect from Rendell; instead it probes the mind of a very disturbed young man who has recently been released from prison after shooting a policeman, leaving him paralyzed and in a wheelchair. The young man is obsessed with his victim and decides to make contact with him. This begins a game of cat and mous [...]

    This is a book about a bad man. Rendell doesn't seem to think the reader should feel sorry for him; the book is more of a pyschological study (and perhaps a comment about correctional institutions).Couldn't put it down though.

    Η πρώτη "πατάτα" της χρονιάς! Επιεικώς Α Θ Λ Ι Ο ! Τζάμπα έχασα τον χρόνο μου. (θέλω να βρίσω αλλά δεν με αφήνει το επίπεδό μου!!!)

    I am giving 3 stars to this book since there are too many rape scenes in this book.4* Going Wrong4* The Keys to the Street3* The Fever Tree and Other Stories4* A Judgement in Stone3* Fall of the Coin4* People Don't Do Such Things3* The Girl Next Door3* Harm Done (Inspector Wexford, #18)2* To Fear a Painted Devil3* Dark Corners3* Live FleshInspector Wexford series3* Shake Hands Forever (Inspector Wexford, #9)3* The Veiled One (Inspector Wexford, #14) 4* Kissing the Gunner's Daughter (Inspector We [...]

    How does she do it? I don't think I've read a bad Ruth Rendell, and I've read a fair few! This was the third time I've read it, and it was still as engrossing as before.We follow a disturbed young man, who after serving 10 years in prison for shooting a police officer in the back, paralysing him, he is inexorably drawn to that officer again, to attempt to befriend him. The characters are drawn with such care and detail, and the descriptions of what Jenner is going through, his ups and, in partic [...]

    I really enjoyed this literary crime novel that followed the basic structure of the standard thriller, yet was from the "bad guy"'s perspective. Kind of a thriller, kind of a psychological study, a fun read all around. One of my favorite crime novels I've read in some time.

    I was so glad to be done with this book. It was one of the ones you can't finish because anything else you can find to read seems more interesting.

    Βιαστής και κοινωνιοπαθή προσωπικότητα, ο φίλος πρωταγωνιστής που περιγράφεται στο βιβλίο. Όμως αυτή η λαμπρή προσωπικότητα δεν χάνει ευκαιρία να παρατηρεί όλα τα λουλούδια και τα φυτά με τα οποία είναι διακοσμημένα μέχρι και τα άσχετα σπίτια από τις γειτονιές που περιπλ [...]

    It is difficult to review this book because it is so beautifully written. Rendell's writing is great, she's got a way of giving details and characteristics from atmospheres and places that doesn't bore you. However, when it comes to the story, I'm sorry, universe, but to keep the narrative completely from a rapist's point of view was not engaging. Even though in the beginning I actually thought it could have been interesting, but in the end it was not. So Live Flesh is a great movie, but a disap [...]

    Meh. There are better things to do than to read this book. Although it is clear that Rendell has some understanding of putting together a narrative, the read does feel like an amalgamism of old periodicals. Unfortunately, it is also predictable and often frustrating.

    Whats not to like about Ruth Rendall? She portrays a sociopath with such ease, its quite breathtaking. It feels quite Hitchcockian in places.

    As much as I like Rendell's ability to capture and empathise with the perfectly logical internal thought processes of her wonderfully ordinary messed-up protagonists (they are always, on some extremely disturbing level, Everyman), she can occasionally come across as a little heavy-handed, and I think this is the case here. While doing a wonderful job of dissecting Victor-the- damaged-person, the story lacks her usual deftness and lightness of touch in places I can understand the lack of subtlety [...]

    This book was not exactly what I was expecting. I was recommended Ruth Rendell by a friend, but I think I picked a poor book as my first choice to experience this author.This book was quite creepy. The story is told through the eyes of Victor, a known rapist and attempted murderer, who in a nutshell is a narcissistic psychopath. It was quite eerie to read, and it did keep my attention for most of the bookI'd say about 3/5, then the last part dragged on until the resolution. I understand Victor i [...]

    This was written in 1986 and I'm not sure it dates well. I found the writing style a bit dense and overblown at times and the story lacked the thrilling fast pace we so often get now. However, you quickly feel sympathy for Victor as he tries to make sense of his mistakes and I loved the parallels with his victim David Fleetwood at the end. The last few lines deliver a hefty punch as well which leave you feeling desperately sorry for Victor despite what he has done.

    Hmmm. This actually was an in-depth portrait of what might go on inside the head of a rapist who also shot a cop. Now he's out of jail, and putting his life back together. He gets mixed up with the policeman again, and there is also a lot of insight here about what it is like to be paralyzed and in a wheelchair. So this is more than the ordinary crime thriller. Usually the villain is just said to be a villain and that's that. But here Rendell tries to tell us something about why and how he becam [...]

    I had a hard time getting into this one, but about 90 pages in it picked up. I was really uncomfortable reading from the perspective of a rapist however, and this was one time I didn't feel like Rendell wrote with the intention of making the reader sympathize with the bad guy. That said, I didn't care for or about the main character so I wasn't drawn into this one or moved by it. Perhaps if he wasn't a rapist and an obvious misogynist, and was just a robber or kidnapper I might have felt differe [...]

    While I admire the author’s plotting skills, I often grew restless with this novel because page after page of narrative results in a slow read, and I’m a fan of dialogue-heavy stories. Dialogue is in short supply here, and without lots of character exchanges, you don’t get to know them as intimately.That said, you do get to know the main character very well. I thought his intense phobia of reptiles was a nice touch.

    A fascinating study of a very disturbed man after he was released from prison for shooting a policeman in the back, causing paralysis. Victor Jenner always blamed someone else for any of his problems. This is a very suspenseful psychological thriller, in which you are waiting for Victor to snap.I was able to recall this story very easily, which does not happen that often with books that I had read several years before. Guess it had quite an effect on me.

    The thing that disappoints me most about the book is the fact that it has potential for so much, yet delivers so little. It feels like, Rendell is, sort of, all over the place with what she's writing about. There is no sense of mystery, almost everything is predictable. Noting solid about a psycho-killer's perspective. What's worse, you seem to wait forever for things to start unraveling. Falls flat.

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