Going Wrong

Going Wrong

Going Wrong In Rendell s evocative portrayal of West London the slums of Notting Hill Gate and the mews houses of Holland Park are not streets but worlds apart When these two worlds collide the repercussions

  • Title: Going Wrong
  • Author: Ruth Rendell
  • ISBN: 9780099808404
  • Page: 245
  • Format: Paperback
  • In Rendell s evocative portrayal of West London, the slums of Notting Hill Gate and the mews houses of Holland Park are not streets, but worlds, apart When these two worlds collide, the repercussions are fatal.Guy and Leonora were childhood sweethearts, and belonged to the same criminal gang But as the wealthy Leonora grew older, they grew apart, and Guy s innocent loveIn Rendell s evocative portrayal of West London, the slums of Notting Hill Gate and the mews houses of Holland Park are not streets, but worlds, apart When these two worlds collide, the repercussions are fatal.Guy and Leonora were childhood sweethearts, and belonged to the same criminal gang But as the wealthy Leonora grew older, they grew apart, and Guy s innocent love turned into a dangerous, psychopathic obsession.When Leonora announces her engagement , Guy knows there must be some mistake and he is determined to right it, at any cost As he becomes the victim of his own murderous madness, nobody is safe

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    In this book Rendell narrows her focus to one character, Guy Curran. Just as he stalks the love of his life Leonora Chisholm, Rendell seems to stalk him through the pages of her book. Curran exhibits an extreme obsession with Leonora, or rather his idea of Leonora, that reminded me of the derangement the Victorians called monomania. Rendell modulates the intensity of Curran's delusions by interspersing bits of backstory into her narrative.When Guy and Leonora met he was 14 and she was only 11. H [...]

    For some reason, I've always tended to avoid British authors. I guess I like to stay in familiar territory, whether in real life or within the pages of a novel. But having heard great things about Rendell/Vine from a friend of mine (thanks Barbara :) I finally gave her a shot. I must confess that I almost put the book down a couple of times for future reading, but then I found myself enjoying it and decided to stick with it. It turned out to be really good!Told in 3rd-person, Rendell brilliantly [...]

    Guy Curren has been in love with Leonora Chisholm since they were joint-sharing teenagers. They come from different sides of the tracks but as young teenagers believe they will be together forever. Leonora grows up and grows away from Guy, but Guy is never able to let go of the belief that they are destined for each other. Leonora continues to meet Guy for lunch every Saturday and he phones her every day.Guy has made good and is a wealthy man but he is unable to shake of his sense that he is not [...]

    I was kind of disappointed in this book, given my love for the writing of Ruth Rendell. It is the story of Guy Curran, a former drug dealer/street hood who gives up the thug life after giving LSD to a man who dies after taking it. Guy does not quit that life before amassing a fortune, however. He carries a torch for Leonora who was his girlfriend when she was a child but who is now engaged to another man. Leonora does, however, allow Guy to meet her for lunch every Saturday and she strings him a [...]

    I read this on our travels back home yesterday. As I started the first chapter I realised that I knew this story. I've never read the book before, but I remember seeing this on the television a lot of years ago. I remembered the bit about the swords, and also what the girlfriend, Celeste, had said to him at the end of the story.It's about obsession and unrequitted love if love is the right word as Guy is so keen for Leonora never to really know about his past and all the things he gets up to. Gu [...]

    I applaud Ms. Rendell's efforts to delve into people's psyches. In general, people are disturbing. Their ability to rationalize events in a fashion that is amenable to them is downright creepy. We either know someone or have been that someone who has experienced that temporary bit of insanity when a relationship is over and both parties are not on the same footing. At first, I thought Guy took it to a new level, but the genius of Ms. Rendell's writing is that she has brought to life a character [...]

    Never was there a more apt title. What WERE you thinking? I didn't forget to add the stars, but there is no Minus 5 stars available. If this was the only book of hers I'd ever read, I certainly wouldn't contemplate another. It was like "Seinfeld" on an endless loop, only without the humour.You couldn't go wrong with this one if you threw it into a metal dustbin and set fire to it for good measure.

    Guy Curran is still obsessed by his teenage sweetheart Leonora, they only have lunch on a Saturday daily phone calls initiated by him. He believes that one day she will be his wife, even when she says she is engaged to be married. Guy thinks there is a conspiracy against him, is he mad or bad?Another wonderful Ruth Rendell novel.

    This was the first Ruth Rendall book I have read and I enjoyed it immensely. The characters were interesting and well developed, but also believable. I loved the way she got into the head of the obsessed ex and the story was mainly seen from his point of view.

    So when is obession not obession? And how many of the British are snobs? Read this. This is a great book that deals with shifts in belief and trust. It is at once complex and simple. Totally enjoyable.

    Not one of her best efforts. Main protagonist was paranoid, delusional and very idiotic. The only likeable character was his model girlfriend who exhibited some semblance of intelligence.

    Things started going wrong for Guy and Leonora some time ago. His obsession with her verges on madness as he assumes she loves him as much as he loves her. Even when she tells him she is to be married, he doesn't believe her. Convinced her family and friends have turned him against her, her hires a hit man to kill her brother.Childhood sweethearts, Guy is sure that Leonora would never choose another man over him, and this fixation makes it impossible to enjoy the good things in his life. The ten [...]

    As usual, Ms. Rendell writes another strange, but fascinating story. Not all characters in every book are admired. The main character, Guy, is a rather pathetic person. He falls in love with a neighbor girl when quite young and remains fixated on her. She is patient as a saint with him. His tarnished path to fortune is hinted at, but he reformed once he had sufficient wealth to "keep" her as he he felt she deserved. She seems disinterested mostly. He becomes a little paranoid, thinking others ar [...]

    I gave it two stars because it was written by Ruth Rendell! If she hadn't written it I would have given it one star! I was terribly frustrated while reading it because it should have been over long before it was. I agree with some of the other reviewers; it would have been much better received as a short story.

    Sorry not a fan of this book. Guy started out as a street punk and is now wealthy. He has loved Leonora since they were kids, he is obsessed with her. Over the years her love for him has changed to friendship but he will not let her go. He lives more and more in a fantasy world.Not my cup of tea

    She is so good at inhabiting the mind of an unstable, dangerous person, for 250 pages--but this time it was almost too much. He was almost too crazy, too hard to pity. The ending was perfect, though.

    An interesting plot (a stalker story told from the stalker's point of view), told rather slow and laboriously.

    One of my found books. Great cover art! I'm still reading Tess but I've snuck a peek to my next one! Looks good so far if a bit obvious. The guy seems a bit obsessed - not a good thing unbalanced. Charismatic and wealthy but on the edge violence-wise. Already I'm reminded of a scene from "Manhunter" when the not-understanding Tooth Fairy(he IS a serial killer, after all) goes after a friend of his lady love. Friend Carol recommends the author!Moving along as the author puts us deeper inside the [...]

    I think I just need to accept the fact that while I LOVED House of Stairs, Tree of Hands, and The Crocodile Bird, the other dozen or so books I've read by Rendell are just fair to good. Or maybe the first three I read just set too high a bar and all the others have disappointingly not reached their level.Anyway, this one was okay, but confusing because I couldn't tell if Guy was delusional/misreading everything or if Leonora really was sending mixed signals. Neither character was particularly li [...]

    Much better than the other audio book on the tape: The Bridesmaid, also by Ruth Rendell.Leonora and Guy have know each other, and been going out with each other, since childhood. Leonora was from a well to do family and Guy was from a more lowly background, but they met and were in the same criminal gang.As they grew up, Leonora went to University and followed a more traditional path; Guy continued down the criminal path. Of course, there worlds were so different, that resulted in Leonora trying [...]

    The book reminded me a lot of "This sweet sickness" by Patricia Highsmith. It deals with the same topic: a man is hopelessly in love with a woman who doesn't want him. But nevertheless he deceives himself that they are together, or will be together in the end anyway.The setting here is London, the time about 1990. Although it could easily also be the 60's for all I know. The style is kinda old-fashioned. But it suited the story just fine I guess.The attentive reader can easily foresee the very e [...]

    I had expected much more of this book. For one thing, I had expected a mystery, because I thought that was her main genre and the edition I have does say "a novel of suspense" under the title. But even putting that aside, I found the book very unsatisfactory. It is hard to explain exactly what I don't like about it. None of the characters are very appealing.I've read books with unreliable narrators before and have no problem with them. But this is something else. How is the reader supposed to kn [...]

    Years ago my mother gave me this book after she read it, I presume because she thought I'd like it. I can't imagine why she would have thought such a thing. The main character, Guy Curran is an obsessed paranoid delusional madman. The entire book is a repetitive description of his delusional obsession. I nearly became mad myself! Once again, I didn't find any of the characters to be likable. This is my first Ruth Randall book. I have another on my shelf, also passed on to me by my mother. I hope [...]

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