Prey In the Nevada desert an experiment has gone horribly wrong A cloud of nanoparticles micro robots has escaped from the laboratory This cloud is self sustaining and self reproducing It is intelligent a

  • Title: Prey
  • Author: Michael Crichton
  • ISBN: 9780061015724
  • Page: 369
  • Format: Paperback
  • In the Nevada desert, an experiment has gone horribly wrong A cloud of nanoparticles micro robots has escaped from the laboratory This cloud is self sustaining and self reproducing It is intelligent and learns from experience For all practical purposes, it is alive.It has been programmed as a predator It is evolving swiftly, becoming deadly with each passinIn the Nevada desert, an experiment has gone horribly wrong A cloud of nanoparticles micro robots has escaped from the laboratory This cloud is self sustaining and self reproducing It is intelligent and learns from experience For all practical purposes, it is alive.It has been programmed as a predator It is evolving swiftly, becoming deadly with each passing hour.Every attempt to destroy it has failed.And we are the prey.

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      369 Michael Crichton
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    Good read! very intriguing with the addition of a little mystery,plot twists & turns into the storyline then maybe its a bit of uncertainty towards the ending because this story do have a continuation vibewell written (paperback!)

    Crichton is pretty much the king of speculative science fiction. From dinosaurs, to diseases, to genetic engineering, to, in the case of Prey, nanotechnology. If you read a Crichton book and don't say to yourself, "Damn! Science is scary!", then you missed the point. This was not my favorite book of his, but it was very good. The thrills, the mystery, and terror all combined for a pretty intense experience. One of my issues with it, though, was how bizarre and out there some of the plot twists w [...]

    “We think we know what we are doing. We have always thought so. We never seem to acknowledge that we have been wrong in the past, and so might be wrong in the future. Instead, each generation writes off earlier errors as the result of bad thinking by less able minds—and then confidently embarks on fresh errors of its own.”Michael Crichton seems to have a bee in his bonnet about misuse or abuse of technology.Jurassic Park,The Andromeda Strain,Congo,Next etc. are all cautionary tales about t [...]

    Artificial intelligence morphing into artificial life, threatening life as we know it. Nano-bots and their hive mentality, swarming and learning. Sounds like a winner, but it didn't even reach mediocre for me. The uber-thin characterizations capped it. I remember liking this author's Jurassic Park and The Andromeda Strain, but this one didn't do much for me.

    DNF at page 175/369.Dear book,It's me, not you. I was really into you in the beginning, but you lost me when you got too technical. That's when I lost my interest in you. There was no coming back from that. While I found your premise fascinating and terrifying at the beginning, after you lost me, the premise wasn't interesting to me anymore. This is purely me, and is not your fault. You see, I have an addiction to the Kate Daniels series. I was spending time with you while waiting for the buddy [...]

    ‎دوستانِ گرانقدر، داستان در موردِ مردی به نامِ <جک فورمن> است که برنامه نویس است و مسئول امنیت شبکه در شرکتی مطرح میباشد سه فرزند دارد، یکی نوزاد دختر و دیگری پسری 8 ساله و دختری 14 ساله و زنی به نامِ <جولیا> دارد‎و داستان در این کتاب از زبانِ خودِ <جک> بیان میشود‎مدیر ش [...]

    I remember I first learned that Jurassic Park was actually a book - that was sometime last year. Well, I read it this year, and Jurassic Park turned out to be one of the best books I've ever read. And then I saw Prey by Michael Crichton (the genius behind Jurassic Park) and figured "There's no way this is as good as Jurassic Park." After reading it, though, I found out that Prey is another home run by Michael Crichton, a spectacular book comparable to Jurassic Park, and probably a top three book [...]

    It was always going to be asking too much to go 3 for 3 (5 star ratings for both Jurassic Park and Timeline). This was still a fairly entertaining book. I think the science was there, for some reason Crichton fails to add in the element of horror or fear. This results in a big 'So, what?' factor. Still a good book, but read Timeline or Jurassic Park firstTimelineJurassic Park

    I used to love Crichton. I got on a kick in high school where I read Jurassic Park, Terminal Man, Andromeda Strain, and Congo, and I liked them all. The stories and characters were overused stereotypes, but I always felt like I learned something because Crichton did such thorough research.The last 2 I tried to read were Timeline and Prey. I couldn't even finish either one. The science was SOOO bad. I don't know if I've just gotten more sophisticated, or if he's jumped the shark, but I can't imag [...]

    (David and Jack talking about the rogue micro-robotic swarm outside the facility)Jack: "So what you're telling me is that this swarm reproduces, is self sustaining, learns from experience, has collective intelligence, and can innovate to solve problems." David: "Yes."Jack: "Which means for all practical purposes, it's aliveyou realize that you're talking about a mechanical plague. that's what you've got here. It's just a bacterial plague, or a viral plague. Except it's mechanical organisms. You' [...]

    Probably the worst book I have ever read (and believe me, that's saying something!). Michael Crichton (who used to write so well!) offends every branch of the sciences in this book. Suspending disbelief is one thing, but to buy this book would require a frontal lobotomy. Unless you want to have your intelligence offended, don't bother.

    If someone recommended to me a book about shape-shifting creatures who feed on human flesh to spawn and have a central mothership nest in the middle of a desert, I think I would have never, ever picked up that book and recommended Twilight to that person in return, out of sheer spite. Yes, and I think I would have picked Twilight over this kind of book in a heartbeat.Well, what do ya know, those would have been the most horrible mistakes that I could have ever committed in my life. Well, never j [...]

    Like all Chrichton books, I really enjoyed this blend of modern technology, science, and fiction. It's an entertaining way to learn something new while enjoying a decent story. Yeah, it can be a slower read at times while you work thru the descriptive science, but I never felt that it distracted from the experience. Not as good as Jurassic Park, but a tad better than Sphere and much better than Congo, Timeline, & Eaters of the Dead.

    I chose this book for my science project and was pleasantly surprised by how good it was. I usually do not enjoy science books but I found this one very exciting and interesting. I would recommend it to all looking for a good science book to read.

    Ok so did jack succeed or what?!??This was a very cloak and dagger type read. It was full of mysteries, and non-stop action! The lead character was a noble hero!! I don't think anyone could not root for him. But I am worried for the supporting characters WHAT HAPPENED TO THEM!!! The story was a little far fetched. But idk maybe it's something that could happen, all this technology getting better and better, more and more complicated EVERYDAY!!!Kinda frightening when you think of it that way.

    This is the only book I have intentionally left on a plane after reading it. It is so mind-numbingly stupid as to defy belief. Its pretty sad when completely nonsensical science gets combined with a dumb story. Get either of them about right and I'm happy, get both of them terribly wrong and I want my money back.

    I had to read this book for my second-semester artificial intelligence class because it deals with nano-bots that use swarm-intelligence--something we were studying at the time. Basically the idea is that large groups of individually "stupid" agents can potentially display seemingly intelligent behavior. Think about insects: ants are a good example. Each ant is incredibly stupid, and by itself would wander aimlessly and accomplish nothing. But a very simple set of pre-defined behaviors causes th [...]

    Hated this book! I am convinced that this was done by a ghost writer as it was not up to Crichton's normal detailed story telling. I was bored, I didn't believe the story, and the characters were flat for me. Gag.

    U uvodu autor opisuje kako će se nano tehnologija, molekularna biologija i umjetna inteligencija (kompjuterski programi koji sami uče) spojiti i tako će doći do stvaranja novog oblika života čije ponašanje i daljni razvoj ne možemo unaprijed predvidjeti. Upozorava da moramo biti vrlo pažljivi i unaprijed odrediti pravila za kontolu. Što bi se dogodilo da se takav život razvije prije nego li definiramo pravila i ograničenja? Tu kreće zaplet ovog romana.Početak je obećavao. Događaj [...]

    A really good hard science fiction novel illustrating the potential danger of nanotechnology would be a welcome addition. Prey is not that novel. Here’s the plot: Somewhere in the Nevada desert, a hi-tech corporation has been experimenting with nanotechnology swarms. Of course, the little critters get loose and begin evolving into fierce predators. Jack Foreman, an expert in designing computer programs that mimic the behavior of swarming animals, is called in to deal with the swarm. Jack’s w [...]

    Ehh, it was alright. The concept was interesting but the characters were quite bland for my taste. The little kid who kept saying "It's not fair" was quite annoying. The ending I liked and the author explained just about everything that was going on and how it all went down. Overall the subject of the book was interesting and raises some questions about nanotechnology but the book itself was about average.

    Me encantó! Es muy ingenioso lo que propone y se ve que se basa en hechos científicos reales, hace tiempo que quería leer algo más del autor, sólo había leído Rescate en el tiempo que me encantó también.

    I had heard about Prey since a few years, but got round to reading it only a few days back. The story is very interesting. A technology experiment - combining bio and nano tech brings out unexpected results (quite expectedly!) and a crisis of sorts. Jack is a person who has lost his job. His wife Julia works in a senior position at a company called Xymos. The company is reportedly on the verge of making a major breakthrough - nano miniature cameras which can be used for a wide range of purposes. [...]

    Re-read after thirteen years. Still, it was an entertaining read. A techno-thriller, but I enjoyed reading the SF part of it: a bit of Biotechnology, added with Nanotechnology & Self-evolving Artificial Distributed Intelligence. Good suspense and pace. The theme of the book is not yet dated. The book's message, to us humankind, is about the dangers of inventions when Biotech and Nanotech converges with Computer Programming and AI.Suggested reading, at least once. :)

    I found Prey on the bookshelf of a lodge we were staying at over the weekend and thought it seemed like a good mindless vacation read.I used to like Michael Chrichton (Juraissic Park, Disclosure) but hadn't read any in a while. Sadly, the poor writing quality kept jerking me out of what was otherwise a decent story. I don't know whether this is because his writing has gone downhill or my standards have just changed.The premise is exciting enough (nano-robots gone rogue) but Chrichton keeps break [...]

    I thought this book was pretty good, even though I'm not huge into science fiction. I've seen that lots of people review this book and say that the science is so farfetched that it's unbelievable and stupid, but honestly, it's fiction. It's not supposed to be perfectly believable. Suspension of disbelief is required when reading this. I personally just enjoy books that can entertain me, and this one did. It brought up some interesting "what if" concepts, even though they would never really happe [...]

    What a great book. Only the second Crichton novel I've read, but I'm really enjoying his style. It's a quick-read, and once the action starts, it barely lets up. Prey shows Crichton definitely knows how to write characters, dialogue, and a damn interesting plot.The whole sci-fi aspect of nanobots is an intriguing one, and it certainly lends itself to the ideas of evolution and nature. The only "fault" with the book is, jeeze, there's a ton of science in it. Which isn't necessarily bad. He'll thr [...]

    Part sci-fi, part potential pre-apocalypse. If that is even possible.I enjoyed the juxtaposition of the stay at home dad vs. stay at home mom. Actually, I enjoyed the first part of the book, much better than the last part. I think it touched something I could relate to. I enjoyed the harried housedad immensely. I thought, I have seen that guy. I may not understand the techno babble so much, but I get the idea of nano technology. It could go really good, or really bad. Maybe there are just some t [...]

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