Vows, Vendettas and a Little Black Dress

Vows, Vendettas and a Little Black Dress

Vows Vendettas and a Little Black Dress Overjoyed at Maryanne s engagement amateur sleuth Sophie Katz can t wait for the wedding vows and party toasts to begin But then Dena best friend bridesmaid and all around vixen is mysteriously shot

  • Title: Vows, Vendettas and a Little Black Dress
  • Author: Kyra Davis
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 402
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Overjoyed at Maryanne s engagement, amateur sleuth Sophie Katz can t wait for the wedding vows and party toasts to begin But then Dena best friend, bridesmaid and all around vixen is mysteriously shot just after the announcement Leave this to the authorities No way Dena may never walk again, and Sophie vows to marry her fists with the shooter s face.Problem is, the numOverjoyed at Maryanne s engagement, amateur sleuth Sophie Katz can t wait for the wedding vows and party toasts to begin But then Dena best friend, bridesmaid and all around vixen is mysteriously shot just after the announcement Leave this to the authorities No way Dena may never walk again, and Sophie vows to marry her fists with the shooter s face.Problem is, the number of suspects is off the charts from jaded lovers to anti free lovers to just plain old haters Dena s made plenty of enemies thanks to her popular sex shop and, yes, she s no saint but really, who deserves to be shot With an berlogical almost boyfriend condemning her vigilante quest, and a wedding planner going vicariously bridezilla over the dream princess wedding, Sophie s barely thinking straight But if she can keep her cool and avoid all errant taffeta , she just might nab her man and save the wedding day.Big if.

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    This is the first Sophie Katz novel that seemed to drag for me. It started out with a bang, as Sophie's friend Maryann tells Sophie and Dena, her cousin, about her engagement to Monty. When Sophie and Maryann step out of the room, Dena is shot! From there, is when it started to drag. Since Sophie is an ameteur sleuth, and a mystery writer, she feels she can do a better job than the police, and her private investigator boyfriend Anatoly, in solving the crime. She keeps secrets from Anatoly, since [...]

    *This review focuses more on the audiobook than the written book*I've done this entire series on audio, until I was half way through this installment. It took me that long to realize that the narrator was ruining the books for me. This is a funny series, I know it's supposed to be anyway, but I always found it more annoying than humorous. Sophie's idiocy and refusal to listen to common sense just dove me crazy. But every once in a while I would see the light. I would giggle and chuckle and I kne [...]

    I'm at a bit of a loss. After all, I *like* Kyra Davis. I *like* Sophie Katz. I *like* everyone in this book, pretty much; I mean, there are the good guys and the bad guys, and I'm not foolish enough to say that the bad guys were overly likable, but all of Sophie's friends held true to their (rather caricatured) personalities. The thing is, I think that I might be growing out of this series.It's nothing really that Kyra is doing wrong, it's just turning a bit away from the mystery aspect and tur [...]

    This one took a bit too long for me. We only find out the killer in the last 20 pages of the book and before that they were focused on other things. There wasn't a lot of clues about who did it. Though I did guess towards the end and I was right hahaha. But to be honest I thought Monty was the killer for the majority of the book because that would have been a twist hahaha but all in all I did like the book and the twist at the end was great. On to Book 6!4/5

    This series just gets better and better! I have to say I wasn't 100% sure on who the bad guy was. I was convinced it was someone else. I am glad I was wrong and I am so glad the Dena is okay!

    This one wasn’t as light as the others in the series. The characters were a lot more angry and not as sassy. I hope the sassy funny themes come back in the next installment.

    audible / audiobook I forgot how much I enjoy this series, especially as a palette cleanser. Mary Ann is still annoying AF, though.

    For getting me so into another series that I feel that I have to rush out & boy every single book. When I got this book from the vine program, I wasn't aware that it was the fifth in a series. I wouldn't have immediately guessed it from the writing- it was smoothly written enough to where even a new reader like myself could get drawn into it. Now I just have to read everything else so I can get the whole story. Sophie Katz isn't your typical San Francisco native. Not only is she a well publi [...]

    Vows, Vendettas and a Little Black Dress captures the very essence of the city of San Francisco and exposes its readers to a true “melting pot” of human quirks and hang-ups……everything from kinky sex and sensual escapades to friendship and fairy tale weddings courtesy of an unconventional and eclectic cast of characters.Our protagonist, Sophie Katz is an impulsive, half Jewish half black mystery writer who surrounds herself with an inner circle of wild and crazy humanity. There’s her i [...]

    2.75 Stars. Better than the last but that is not saying much. The storyline is a tad better than the previous book but that is not saying much. Here is the challenge I face reading this series. I like some of the characters. I like enjoyed the romantic story line between Sophie and Antoly. That story line has become progressively weaker. There was very little interaction between the two in this book. Yes, the obligatory fights and make up sessions were presence but not convincing. Anatoly progre [...]

    Another one I got into without knowing it was somewhere part of a series, but mind, any reservations I might've had about jumping into a book with a prior-established cast and storyline melted right from the prologue itself.Ms. Davis introduces us to the whole Sophie clan, and within a few paragraphs, has introduced everyone and settled her reader right there into the scene. She won me from here already.I loved the light, fun tone of this book. Sophie and her clan are over the top but this comes [...]

    For some reason I enjoy this series enough to keep reading. Normally, when a character is so self-righteous and accuses everyone of being anti-feminist when they offer male assistance I quit. Sophie is too impulsive, demands respect and trust instead of earning it, blames everything on her boyfriend and thinks she's invincible.The series is humorous enough but predictable and I suppose a good intermission for me while reading paranormal which is my normal genre.Kyra Davis has made me enjoy her o [...]

    I am getting a little tired of the whole up and down between Sophie and Anatoly. Their drama, which is mostly on Sophie's end, makes me want to reach through the pages and thump her head like a melon. The sad thing is at some points during this book I got where she was coming from and did think she brought up some good points to Anatoly. One of the best thing about these books continues to be the friendship between Sophie, Dena, Mary Anne, and Marcus, with Leah thrown in to spice things up. Usua [...]

    Great latest release! Love the Sophie Katz mystery series. This was the latest release from Kyra davis and in her chick lit detective series thhat came out earlier in 2010. Again, I listened to this installment and its excellentr narration by Gabra Zackman. I honestly didn't recognize her voice at first because it changed so much since the first book. The novel begins at a get together at Deena's house with background commentary talking about the variety of types of persons who inhabit San Franc [...]

    Sophie drove me crazy in this latest installment. She's arrogant, she's wrong, she insists that Anatoly and everybody else listen to her extremely flawed evidence, but won't give anybody else's theories the time of day because, you know, she's ALWAYS right. It's incredibly frustrating. After five books, in which she is often wrong and does extremely stupid things, she still hasn't learned her lesson. She's also a total bi-atch to Anatoly, jumping down his throat without provocation, ignoring him [...]

    June 17/10 -- Chapter 9 --June 18/10 -- Chapter 17 --So far I am enjoying this just as much (if not a little more) as the previous books in the series but there are moments when I'd like nothing better than to throttle Sophie! She is so self-absorbed at times that it is quite irritating. Anatoly has the patience of a saint.June 20/10 -- Finished --This is my favorite of the 5 Sophie Katz books. I enjoyed the mystery and even though I had an idea who the perpetrator was, it still made me doubt my [...]

    Sophie is an established author who fancies herself a bit of a detective. I’m jumping in 5 books into the series, but any backstory that was relevant is explained. The characters here are over-the-top in one way or another, from the Disney loving Mary-Ann and Monty to the polyamorous Dena and Jason to the perpetually-stoned Amelia to the secretive Russian Anatoly. And Sophie is the glue that holds all of them together. As you would expect from the cover, the tone to this mystery is relatively [...]

    Sophie Katz is shocked when her best friend, Dena, is shot and nearly killed. She is determined to find who did this to Dena and does whatever it takes to bring down the shooter.This is my first Sophie Katz book. I found her to be an interesting character with plenty of flaws and issues. I am from the Bay Area, so reading about San Francisco was fun. The secondary characters were quirky and added to the story.Overall, I didn't love the book. I liked it. It was light and nothing outrageously exci [...]

    My favorite Sophie book so far! This book was very fast paced and kept you guessing until the end. Sophie's BFF Dena is shot in the back by an unknown assaliant. Sophie being true to her dumbassness believes she can locate the killer before the police. So as usual she forces her PI boyfriend to assist her yet holds back important information and puts herself in danger. I'll be honest I don't read these books for Sophie or her complicated and toxic relationship. I read it for her friends! I love [...]

    I really love this series but I found this book lacking. Marcus was really the highlight of it for me. Every scene he's in guarantees at least one laugh out loud moment. The plot was pretty simple, nothing too complex. I like the interaction between Sophie, Marcus, Dena, Maryanne and Leah. They're a great set of characters but I've grown tired of the constant arguments between Sophie and Anatoly. If they're not having sex, they're yelling at each other. I really question whether or not you can c [...]

    I really felt like this series was going downhill for me when I read the books, so I never made it to this, the 5th book. Then, I started listening to them on audiobook, and fell in love with this series in a way I can't even explain. I read really fast, so I never got the humor and ridiculousness of this series like I did when I listened to it!This was a great mystery and I was definitely surprised when I was listening! I feel so close to the characters in this series now and this 5th book rene [...]

    I loved the raw emotion of each of the characters in this book. I think that's my favorite thing about the Kyra Davis series--the characters grow in each and every book; they don't simply stay stagnant. I loved how many of the characters from the last book were reintroduced in this book and the story picked up right where the other one left off. There were plenty of "false leads" to keep you guessing throughout the entire book. I was surprised, though, not to see Kyra's mom make an appearance in [...]

    The only reason I took a star away from this book was the evil cliff-hanger. I bought this book in September and only finished reading it on New Years' Eve due to being insanely busy with school, but I was so glad whenever I was able to pick it up and read, her books are easy to get into and so much fun to try and decipher the real killer.Usually I'm not left with a cliff-hanger, this time I was left with one that makes me wish I'd waited to finish this till the next book came out. That is how g [...]

    Kyra Davis - Vows, Vendettas and a Little Black DressMira, 2010.The latest in the Sophie Katz series begins with a bang, literally. Sophie's not so perfect paradise is disrupted when her best friend is shot in her own living room. After the suspenseful introduction, the story continues forward with a strong momentum. Towards the middle of the novel, this momentum seems to slow a bit, bit Davis uses her usual surprise suspense endings to jolt the reader out of their heavenly novel coma. Her witty [...]

    This starts off with a bang that no one hears. In the first few pages, Mary Ann tells Sophie and Dena she is engaged, Dena gets shot in the back and can’t feel her legs, and Sophie and Anatoly (her boyfriend and a PI) both try to figure out who shot Dena and why. There are a lot of references to kinky acts and steamy situations, but most of it is left to the reader's imagination making this book spicy and sensual rather than hot.I laughed, I snorted, I cried, I cheered and stayed up late just [...]

    I decided to read this book having not read any of the other books in the series and not really knowing what to expect. Parts of the writing of this book disappointed me, some bored me, while others made me laugh out loud. The gay friend, Marcus, I found to be hilarious, sort of the comic relief. I was turned off by the mix of this story being a mystery and romance novel. The main character reminded me of a grown-up Nancy Drew but the relationship with the Ned Nickerson character was not purely [...]

    Slightly predictable chick-lit murder mystery series. Davis has created an interesting cast of supporting characters, but I wasn't overly enthralled with the main character, Sophie Katz. She's overly dense, and several times I found myself wishing she had gotten shot so another secondary character could take lead and solve the mystery. Several good one-liners in the book, but not enough to make me go read the first 4 books in the series. It did have an interesting cliffhanger about one character [...]

    I'm giving this four stars because I loved how wonderful and supportive Anatoly was. Since I read this book after reading Janet Evanovich books it became quite obvious that Kyra Davis was influenced by Janet Evanovich and there were a lot of similarities. However I'm so pleased she didn't decide to copy the very frustrating love triangle in those books and it's nice that Sophie and Anatoly are a couple despite all the drama. The mystery got more interesting in the last half. I thought Leah was q [...]

    I was looking on iTunes for a good audio book to keep me busy while at the lake with my four teens & their friends. I found "Sex,Murder and a Double Latte" by: Kyra Davis and couldn't stop listening!Now I've listened to or read all the books in The Sophie Katz series and can't wait for more!!No matter how hard Sophie tries she just can't seem to stop getting involved in solving murder mysteries.Sophie and her friends keep you drawn into every story right up until the last word.Sophie's relat [...]

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