Gallimore Jessica Neale s faith is lost the day of her husband s death and with it her belief in love In a journey to find peace she encounters a gentle green eyed stranger who leads her to the ruins of the

  • Title: Gallimore
  • Author: Michelle Griep
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 202
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Jessica Neale s faith is lost the day of her husband s death, and with it, her belief in love In a journey to find peace, she encounters a gentle, green eyed stranger who leads her to the ruins of the medieval castle, Galli On his way to battle, Colwyn Haukswyrth, knight of Galli, comes face to face with a storm the likes of which he s never seen, and a woman inJessica Neale s faith is lost the day of her husband s death, and with it, her belief in love In a journey to find peace, she encounters a gentle, green eyed stranger who leads her to the ruins of the medieval castle, Galli On his way to battle, Colwyn Haukswyrth, knight of Galli, comes face to face with a storm the likes of which he s never seen, and a woman in the midst of it who claims to live centuries in the future The Lady Jessica of Neale is an irksome, provoking bit of woman to be sure And she s about to turn his beliefs on end The product of a family rooted in pain and evil, Colwyn has focused on naught but himself until Jessica To a mysterious prophecy stitched on a tapestry, through the invasion of Galli itself, Colwyn and Jessica are bound together by a lesson in forgiveness and love a bond that might be strong enough to survive the grave.

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    This debut is such a great story and one I've wanted to read for a long time :) Jessica is an amazing character and my favorite in this one. Loved her courage, faith, passion, and the way she responded in every way! The black magic was soooo creepy, but it was true to the story and tangibly done. The ending wasn't quite what I was expecting, but overall nicely done and a good ending. Despite his many flaws, Colwyn really was my hero.From the bookmarker: A Wizard of Oz Tale with a Medieval Twist [...]

    In the short time that I have been reviewing books on my blog, I have been directed (by the Lord, in my opinion) to some incredible books. The latest is ‘Gallimore,’ the debut novel by Michelle Griep (mmgriep). The tagline for ‘Gallimore’ is “a Wizard of Oz tale with a medieval twist.” Michelle, a resident of Minnesota, in addition to being married and the mother of two boys and two girls, teaches both Civics and Creative Writing for co-ops. There is a fun book trailer for 'Gallimore [...]

    What an odd ending. I liked this book. Griep is a good author. Her characters change and grow through her stories and it feels very believable. I really liked her last book The Captive Heart and was looking for something similar but set in the mid ages. This is very different from that book in style and feel and that threw me a little. I like a good time travel but this was different then others I have read, but more reality then fantasy and that made it tough to try to figure how a happy ending [...]

    Would have never guessed!I would have never guessed that this was Michelle Griep’s debut novel. It is a wonderfully written adventure that rivals her later works. I was captivated by the descriptions in this story…not only the characters, but the surroundings. I could totally picture myself back in the times of castles and knights, caught up in the romance and excitement, the danger and intrigue.I love the pluckiness of the heroine of this story, Jessica, she is strong and takes nothing from [...]

    I am truly finding this book different than any I have read. You feel like you've fell back into time just as Jessica does and that you walking through this story. It will leave you holding your breath, wanting to pray (but then the people aren't real), and looking forward to what will happen next. I have truly enjoyed it thus far. After finishing this book, you can find love in the midst of hard times. At the end you do find yourself praying and seeking a closer relationship. The story is so un [...]

    I loved this book! I wish it was 100-200 pages longer. I really didn't want this story to end.Looking forward to reading Michelle Griep's other books.

    If you can't afford to buy another book, then get your library to order it. But you MUST read this book if you love romance, fantasy, medieval stories, time travel, etc. About the book:Jessica Neale's faith is lost the day of her husband's death, and with it, her belief in love. In a journey to find peace, she encounters a gentle, green-eyed stranger who leads her to the ruins of the medieval castle, Gallimore.On his way to battle, Colwyn Haukswyrth, knight of Gallimore, comes face to face with [...]

    Jessica Neale has shut down toward life and God since her husband's tragic death. For her son's sake, she allows her mother to talk her into taking a therapeutic vacation in England, and while there visiting castle ruins, she finds herself sucked into to a medieval world complete with castles, knights, and Old English jargon. Her arrival displaces Colwyn -- a knight on his way to battle -- and therefore puts him and the inhabitants of Gallimore Castle in a precarious situation with King Edward. [...]

    I only discovered Michelle Griep a little over a year ago and I've been trying to get all her books read. Gallimore has lain in my 'to read' basket for months! I picked it up the other day to read and boy, was it ever good! I love, love the medieval era, for one, and I love Christian fiction, for the other. She knocks it out of the ball park on both counts.Jessica Neale lost her faith the day of her husband's death, and on a journey to England to find peace, encounters a gentle, green-eyed stran [...]

    I love historical fiction but not am not crazy about time-travel romances. I gave it a try based on other authors' recommendations and it was definitely worth it! It is amazing that this is a debut novel because the author demonstrates writing skills better than other published authors. The characters are well-drawn---we get into the minds of both the H & h, the setting is so well-described---you can imagine what it really was like in the 1300's. I liked that the author included humor (bante [...]

    Review by Jill WilliamsonJessica Neal is still recovering from the death of her husband. She travels to England for a peaceful getaway. Maggie finds the ruins of the castle Gallimore. A storm happens upon her and before she can find her way back to the main road, she crashes. When she wakes up, her car is gone and she is stranded in the forest. But she is not alone.A medieval knight is there as well. When he wakes, he is rude and talks to her with a strange accent. Maggie thinks she has stumbled [...]

    Gallimore is a fantastic medieval-fantasy read. I was amazed at the way Michelle wrote it true to the time period. In some medieval books the dialogue and happenings are more modern than I would like, but that was not so in this book. She really captured the feel of the time period. Jess is an amazing character, with a lot of depth and you really get to know her well. Colwyn, though rough and mean at first, becomes a very lovable character. I never could guess what was going to happen in the end [...]

    After reading Michelle Griep's A Heart Deceived, I wanted to read another of her books. This one promised medieval castles, knights, treachery and danger. And time travel. At first, I couldn't quite believe the scenario, but as I read on, I was captivated by the setting—Gallimore Castle—and by the details of life in the year of our Lord 1314. This story may be a fantasy, but a well-researched one it is. Intriguing character development, ramped-up tension, and humor due to well-planted anachr [...]

    This was a really fun, light read. It was the fairy tale that all little girls dream of. Jess is giving the Knight in shining armor that rescues her. It will make you think What if, all through it. A very good read if you are looking for a light reading book.

    I lacked sleep and food by the time I finished this book because I'm a slow reader and could not put the book down. Loved the book and all the characters. Will buy more books from this author!

    My sister gave this book to me. Her sister-in-law wrote it. I absolutely loved this book. Hooked on Michelle's writing.

    Interesting time travel novel. Jessica Neale is grieving over the death of husband. She decides to take a bit of a break and heads to England. On her way there she meets Professor Cole. Cole suggests that she visit the castle/ruins of Gallimore. They make plans to head there together, but something goes wrong and Jess ends ups in medieval times. She comes across a knight Colwyn, who is brutish and speaks in terms that she barely understands. She is held captive by his brother Tarne at Gallimore. [...]

    Though time travel novels have been `done before' the concept is well handled without being boring or repetitive, also the author's incorporation of fantasy elements into the story provide an interesting `twist' on the genre. This said, the Historical detials including the description of Bannockburn and others described below seemed rather superficial and a little inconsistent at times, so I rather think that the novel would have been better as total fantasy (i.e not set in a real country at a r [...]

    Ok, I'm really not sure what I feel about this book. But it was so interesting, I felt I HAD to give it four stars!Gallimore is a Christian time-travel book. It's maybe a bit unusual, because it centers around a widowed woman with a small boy. But still, she travels back in time and falls in love with a handsome knight. :)This book was really so interesting. Once I got a bit into it, the story just springs to life and I had so much fun. It was frightening, thrilling, romantic, and just great fun [...]

    This is my 2nd book by Michelle Griep & she didn't disappoint. When I started this book I was a little unsure because it was not a sci-fi or fantasy book but it involves time travel. It turned out to be a good read and the time travel fit. I felt at times as if I was back in the 1300's with Jessica & Colwyn. Will be reading more of her books.

    I came across this author's entertaining website before I ever read one of her books. Her personality shines through in this story, and it truly kept me up reading late at night. I would have never considered reading a medieval time-travel tale as an adult, but this took me back to the days when I loved reading "Castle in the Attic" as a kid. This time with a love story and a truly evil villain. The story has a good vs. evil theme, with a strong element of faith, and how the characters come to g [...]

    Frustrating This book has a wonderful storyline with very life like characters. The world drew me in and I could imagine I was there. I couldn't put the book down due to constant suspense. However the ending was the worst ending possible that's why I gave it there stars. Not only were there major questions left hanging as it abruptly did a 360 but it frustrates me to no end that the author thought the swap at the end was in anyway credible. The men are not the same. The love that was found was l [...]

    Having just read this author's Captive Heart and rating it five out of five stars, and being a total fan of time travel fiction, I had high hopes for this book. Perhaps too high as it runs out. I did like the story but I struggled to like the main characters. I struggled, strangely enough, with the idea of God being part of the time travel (admittedly not as much as when I read Amanda Tru's first book in the Yesterday series--time travel for God), with the whole supernatural creepy wickedness, a [...]

    This was an excellent book. The story was gripping and compelling, pulling the reader along through fantastical time-travel as well as very realistic issues of love and death. The author manages to use death and faith as a crux of the story without being depressing. In fact, it was quite uplifting. Colwyn is a great character that shows wonderful growth and appealing quirks. Jessica is a strong character, slowly growing in life and faith. Their chemistry is great. I loved the romance and adventu [...]

    While most of the time I get absorbed in the plot of a book, this time I was almost more absorbed in the narration. I could just picture the author telling this story to her children every night before they went to bed, and having it progress over the years. It was like the author was a character in the book as well. I don't know how else to describe it.I prefer romance novels that don't say very much about physical attraction. I also prefer novels that don't delve too deeply into the dark and d [...]

    Midevil adventure, time travel, and romance, be still my geeky little heart. I really enjoyed this story. I also appreciate the fact that salvation through Christ was boldly and clearly shown. Don't get me wrong. This book was not "preachy". In fact, there wasn't a strong religious theme present and I begin to worry that the author would do as so many others - take the reader right up to that point and then leave them hanging but that was not the case. This is my second book by Michelle Griep, a [...]

    Not my favorite. There wasn't anything offensive in this book (and I'm definitely getting pickier as I get older) it just wasn't very engaging. And it wrapped up rather neatly (like the author couldn't figure out how to fix her time traveling heroine and her love story) I won't spoil the end, I just thought it was ok.

    A 4.5 read for me!! I couldn't put this book down!! Jessica Neale is recovering from the death of her husband and at the suggestion of her mother takes a trip to England. Jessica decides to visit Gallimore castle, at the suggestion of someone she met on the plane, when she is leaving the castle she gets in an accident and is thrown back in time. Loved this book!!

    I'm becoming a fan of Michelle's time travel romances. It's a story of trust and faith, and helping others. I won't give much away, but I really liked the ending. There was no other way about it, and it worked perfect for everyone.

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