The Princess of Las Pulgas

The Princess of Las Pulgas

The Princess of Las Pulgas After her father s slow death from cancer Carlie thought things couldn t get worse But now she is forced to confront the fact that her family in dire financial straits To stay afloat her mom has ha

  • Title: The Princess of Las Pulgas
  • Author: C. Lee McKenzie
  • ISBN: 9781934813447
  • Page: 449
  • Format: Hardcover
  • After her father s slow death from cancer, Carlie thought things couldn t get worse But now, she is forced to confront the fact that her family in dire financial straits To stay afloat, her mom has had to sell their cherished oceanfront home and move Carlie and her younger brother Keith to the other side of the tracks to dreaded Las Pulgas, or the fleas in Spanish TheAfter her father s slow death from cancer, Carlie thought things couldn t get worse But now, she is forced to confront the fact that her family in dire financial straits To stay afloat, her mom has had to sell their cherished oceanfront home and move Carlie and her younger brother Keith to the other side of the tracks to dreaded Las Pulgas, or the fleas in Spanish They must now attend a tough urban high school instead of their former elite school, and on Carlie s first day of school, she runs afoul of edgy K.T the Latina tattoo girl who s always ready for a fight, even on crutches Carlie fends off the attention of Latino and African American teen boys, and one, a handsome seventeen year old named Juan, nicknames her Princess when he detects her aloof attitude towards her new classmates What they don t know is that Carlie isn t really aloof she s just in mourning for her father and almost everything else that mattered to her Mr Smith, the revered English teacher who engages all his students, suggests she ll like her new classmates if she just gives them a chance he cajoles her into taking over the role of Desdemona in the junior class production of Othello, opposite Juan, after K.T gets sidelined Keith, who becomes angrier and sullen by the day, spray paints insults all over the gym as he acts out his anger over the family s situation and reduced circumstances Even their cat Quicken goes missing, sending Carlie and Keith on a search into the orchard next to their seedy garden apartment complex They re met by a cowboy toting a rifle who ejects them at gunpoint from his property But when Carlie finds him amiably having coffee with their mom the next day when he s returned her cat she begins to realize that nothing is what it seems in Las Pulgas.

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    I enjoyed this book more than I expected, since I rarely read or enjoy YA unless they have a lot more going on for them than teenage romance. What I liked about The Princess of Las Pulgas was the look into a family that was turned upside down by the death of the father, and beyond that, the look into a school on the "wrong" side of town. You really feel for Carlie and her family, and want everything to work out for her, her brother and their mom. I liked that it was more about dealing with grief [...]

    The Princess of Las Pulgas is about a girl who lost her dad to cancer and then is forced to move to Las Pulgas. Her mother tries desperately to keep up with the mortgage in Channing but with the medical bills left behind and the cost of the funeral she finally decides they have to move to Las Pulgas and she has to get a job. The move devastates Carlie and her brother Keith. The school is dangerous, their apartment complex is dangerous and they feel their lives are now an embarrassment. Carlie is [...]

    It's hard enough for any teen to change high schools, but Carlie is forced to switch in the middle of her junior year after her father dies and the family loses their home by the sea, the home Carlie has grown up in. An old, deteriorating apartment in lower class Las Pulgas is the only thing they can afford. Carlie's brother Keith hates life now and makes lots of enemies at the new high school where the students are a rough bunch. The other kids have no idea that Carlie is withdrawn and not so f [...]

    This story of redemption, survival, and forgiveness features believable, likable characters and situations that readers of all ages will appreciate in an impossible-to-put-down novel that I consumed in about a day. Author C. Lee McKenzie is quickly becoming one of my favorite YA authors with a gift for capturing universal emotions which will have you cheering (and, at times, crying) for the heroine. Highly, highly recommended!

    Well, after that synopsis I really don’t know why I’m writing this review. That basically summed up the whole novel. I really, really enjoyed this book. I don’t know what it is about obscure novels that makes me think they aren’t going to be good, (well actually I blame that mentality on Her, Me and You) but they always turn out to surprise me and I end up loving them. Princess of Las Pulgas is much the same. While it is just traditional good teen drama, there’s always something refres [...]

    Review posted at Amaterasu ReadsA heartfelt, heart-wrenching stunning tale of loss, hope and love.With a family slowly falling apart because of her father's death, Carlie, her brother Keith and their mother had to leave behind the life of luxury and comfort they have known all their lives to make a new one for themselves. One far from the rich life. From a mansion overlooking the beach they were now in a cramped apartment in the seedy side of town, with neighbors screaming at each other, and min [...]

    I have a confession to make. I am NOT a 16-year old girl. And, yet, I absolutely loved C. Lee McKenzie's The Princess of Las Pulgas, which IS about a 16-year old girl. I have read and enjoyed several YA books in the past that had teenage female protagonists - Truly, Madly, Deadly by Hannah Jayne and Wyndano's Cloak by A.R. Silverberry (his was a fantasy to boot) come to mind. So I'm not a novice when it comes to YA's. You can add this one to my recommend list. It's absolutely terrific.I have to [...]

    Nothing prepares you for the loss of a parent, nothing! We meet Carlie Edmund and her family at her father 19s bedside, on his death bed. All too soon, or maybe not soon enough, Carlie is drowning in the loud silence of grief. While being pummeled by an agony so deep that it bores into her bones, Carlie suffers yet another blow that further rocks her tremulous attempts at survival. The loss of her father, her safe harbor, support and comfort is followed by the loss of her family home. It 19s mor [...]

    We are hit hard right from the start in Princess. Emotions are running high and they stay that way. I really appreciate how the passing of time is dictated: with sorrow at the holidays; remembrance and grieving for what they lost.Some of the wording is so lyrical- ‘wrapped in a cocoon of grief”, “when I read what I just wrote, some letters aren’t clear. Even though I’ve turned a new page, the tears have made the surface rough, so Oct 22nd has bled through to a new day.” It makes me f [...]

    Poor Carlie. After watching her father slowly die of cancer, a move across town might seem trivial; upsetting, but trivial. Fights with her mom, not getting asked out, rude neighbors, or a "pushy" English teacher (in the Tina Fey Mean Girls way) might also seem trivial. But all together? Carlie is helplessly watching her life fall apart around her.Carlie's main problem with her new life in Las Pulgas is all the "poor people," as she sees them. Almost everything she dislikes about the people arou [...]

    Carlie loses nearly everything: Her father dies of cancer, her mother can no longer afford their house and moves the family to an apartment in a seedy neighborhood, and her school zoning changes and she must attend an urban high school that’s a far cry from her elite suburban school. While she is grieving the loss of her father, she is also adjusting to a completely new lifestyle. Carlie is too ashamed of where she lives to tell her old friends about it, but too upset and aloof to start making [...]

    The Princess of Las Pulgas is an amazing book. I could not put it down. It felt real, dealt with real situations, played on real sympathies and really didn't pull any punches. It's about finding yourself wherever you are and being true to yourself and knowing and finding your true friends. It is a feel-good book with important lessons and great entertainment value.Carlie's life has dealt her a tough blow with the loss of her dad to cancer. While she's still reeling from that situation, she learn [...]

    It's amazing how a book can pull you inside its story, make you feel as if you're going through the same path as the characters, and every feeling is as tough for you as it was for them. My heart suffered and recovered at Las Pulgas.After the death of her father, Carlie, her mother and brother, have to move out out of their perfect life at Channing and join the community of Las Pulgas, California. It's a terrible ordeal for her and she is struggling to come to terms with the fact that everything [...]

    The very first line of the book basically gives you a feel of what the book is about. "Last night I pleaded with Death, but he turned a bony back to me, pushed Hope into the corridor and shut the door." (Page 1)Carlie has recently lost her father to cancer and all her family is suffering from this loss. They have to move to a city that is the complete opposite of what they are all used to. They must adjust to their new life and make many sacrifices. As they spend more time there, they find that [...]

    Princess of Las Pulgas is one of those books that brings you back to reality, away from the of the paranormal craze. C. Lee McKenzie's Carlie is a unique character put in a unique situation. After her father dies she is forced to grow up in many ways, even in ways that she is not aware of. From the first page Carlie's story became very personal. Having lost a parent Carlie feels many emotions: sadness, anger, frustration, confusion, and even guilt and relief. Unless you have lost a parent it is [...]

    If you’ve ever lost a family member, you know how devastating it is and how your whole life changes. Then, if circumstances cause you to have to leave the home you’ve grown up in and live in a new place totally different to what you’re used to, it’s understandable that you’ll be bitter and hate your new life. At least at first.Author C. Lee McKenzie’s latest novel for young adults, The Princess of Las Pulgas, deals with such a situation. When Carlie Edmund’s father dies, she loses [...]

    This book is a heartfelt look at a girl going through the grieving process after losing her father and basically everything and everyone she knows and loves. In moving to the rough neighborhood of Las Pulgas, Carlie must learn to deal with people that are different from her in the way they cope with life, and she has to learn to cope in her own way. One of the strengths of this book was that it was real. Everything felt natural and exactly the way it would happen in real life.The diversity of th [...]

    Carlie’s father dies of cancer, and her life goes down the drain. Her mother cannot handle the finances, so the family has to move to Las Pulgas. From a posh school and beautiful home, they transition to an inner-city school and a cramped apartment where they hear the neighbors argue all the time through the thin walls.The students at Las Pulgas hold a deep distrust of Carlie, as she does of them. They both have misconceptions of each other, to the point that there is violence in the hallways [...]

    The cover of this book does not do it justice. I feel like the cover is very plain and nothing special. The Princess of Las Pulgas is not plain and is most definitely something special.C. Lee McKenzie is a wonderful author and her talent shines through in this book. The plot idea may not be something out of this world unique, but it is a touching, coming of age story. I loved reading about Carlie's every day life and how she was working through all of her problems. It sounds quite boring, but th [...]

    The grabbing opening line, Last night I pleaded with Death, but he turned a bony back to me, pushed Hope into the corridor and shut the door. Now here's a YA that has meaning! Right from the beginning you knew you were in for a conflict of the heart. A story of bereavement but more about the gain in the long run. A careful, soft portrayal of a grieving family's process of loss. Incorporate a story with culture shock, Othello, and stereotypes and you've got yourself a book that didn't dwell on th [...]

    The Princess in Las Pulgas is a very emotionally charged novel; about a young girl that loses her father to cancer, and then must learn what it takes to be a survivor. Carlie not only has to deal with the loss of her father at a young age, but she soon finds herself in an entirely different life that she is being told is her own. Prior to her father death; Carlie had what one would call the "Luxurious Life". Coming from the highly promenient side of town Carlie was used to a very sophisticated t [...]

    I don't think a book has made me cry since Marley and Me years ago. And come on, the dog died. That's sad. But this book this book made me cry. And tear up more than once. Lee makes the emotion come off the page in this book and her character, Carlie's pain, is palpable. In short, this is a story about what happens when everything in your life goes wrong. Your dad dies a long and costly death to cancer. You lose your beautiful beach-front home and have to move to an apartment in the slums. Your [...]

    Although I have read books by C. Lee McKenzie before, this was the first YA book by her that I’ve read. I didn't have any idea what to expect with The Princess of Las Pulgas, and I was completely thrilled with my reading experience. Carlie is a character who is in a new situation trying to figure out how to act and how to not get on people's bad lists. She's also piecing together what happens to friendships that might not have been as strong as she thought they were. I liked seeing how Carlie [...]

    I’m going to be honest right off the bat: I am not a fan of YA contemporary novels with female protagonists. Give me a hero fighting demons, struggling with werewolf issues, trying out a new set of angel wings, or even destroying a ring of power. All hail swords, magic, and things that go bump in the night. But. But. I stayed up far too late several nights running because I could not put down The Princess of Las Pulgas. It’s that good. No, you can’t have my copy. Get your own. There was so [...]

    Carlie, her mom, and her brother have not had the best fall and winter. Carlie's dad passed away from cancer and Carlie spends her time between missing him like crazy and hating him for dying.Then her mom drops the bombshell. They can't afford their house in Channing and have to move to Las Pulgas. Carlie and her brother are horrified and Carlie doesn't want her friends to know where she lives.The students at her new school assume Carlie is really a snob, when she just wishes things could go bac [...]

    Author, C. Lee McKenzie brings Carlie Edmund to life and even though it has been years since I was a teen ager, but the authors skill at putting words together brought back memories. Not only is The Princess of Las Pulgas entertaining, it brings out the problems teens, both girls and boys, have to face. The need to be a part of something, and the conflict of facing life without a complete family. I understand Kieth's feelings in relationship to his actions. Ms. McKenzie brings out the desperatio [...]

    This is a young adult novel about a girl named Carlie who struggles through the difficult, and often heart-wrenching, task of adjusting to change after the death of her father. The author has captured a real sense of poignancy, and I thoroughly enjoyed the many wonderful turns of phrases that brought the story alive. Because Carlie is used to a comfortable, well-to-do life and has to adjust to being poor, she could so easily have come across as an unlikeable and snobby character. This doesn’t [...]

    This book will make you cry. It begins with the quote: "Last night I pleaded with Death, but he turned a bony back to me, pushed Hope into the corridor and shut the door." It is sad, but oh so hopeful. When I see the situation Carlie ends up in, I'm not sure how McKenzie will write her out of her problems, but she does so well. I loved the burglar episode at the beginning. I love that Carlie is so real and so flawed. Her emotions on dealing with her father's death are so raw but so real: anger, [...]

    After her father dies, Carlie and her mom and brother are left with a mountain of hospital bills. They are forced to sell their house and move from the affluent town, Channing, to a small, rundown apartment in the poor town, Las Pulgas. Carlie sticks out at school and is nicknamed "Princess," and she is forced to confront the prejudices she had about the town.This is a great book. I wish the title was different, as I don't think it will attract many of my students. Hopefully, a good book talk wi [...]

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