A Constant Heart

A Constant Heart

A Constant Heart Romance and intrigue in the court of Queen Elizabeth in this tale of deception false appearance and betrayal where one stays faithful

  • Title: A Constant Heart
  • Author: Siri Mitchell
  • ISBN: 9781441204301
  • Page: 242
  • Format: ebook
  • Romance and intrigue in the court of Queen Elizabeth in this tale of deception, false appearance and betrayal, where one stays faithful.

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    Blog Post Review Updated in honor of one day freebie: creativemadnessmama/blog/2I give this book three out of five stars, but in a split manner. If I were to rate the book solely upon my enjoyment and escape into it's historical aspects, it would be two stars; yet if I were to rate this book on the detail and descriptions of this historical journey at hand it would four stars. Thus, I settle at three. Starting out reading this book, I was quite distraught and not at all drawn in. The cover is go [...]

    For once I wish I'd paid more heed to the reviewers who clearly pointed out that this book is great if you're looking for a historical account of court life in the Elizabethan era, but pretty much sucks if you're looking for a good romance full of court intrigue and mysteries. Because here's the thing; I am one of those crazy historical freaks who enjoys reading textbooks for fun, and who isn't bothered by lavish period details and endless descriptions of the ways and manners of the time. But, w [...]

    I love a pure and endearing love story. And call me strange, but I love a love story where two people are thrust into a marriage they don’t want and falling in love despite that fact.I was skeptical about A Constant Heart when I started it. I wasn’t sure if the premise could hold up a 380 page book. Love and beauty being a curse? Would it drag? I am so thrilled to say, I was blown away! This novel evoked so many different emotions in me. Fear, love, anger, sympathy. I learned so much about 1 [...]

    This book went around in circles. Lytham and Marget blamed each other for their own issues, then reassured each other of their love, then acted out in jealous anger, then reassured each other of their love, then didn't listen to each other's opinions about the Queen, then reassured each other of their loved on and on. I was very frustrated with the two main characters throughout the majority of the book. It was only made worse by the constant switching between point of view (after every paragrap [...]

    Lord Lytham has no wish to marry again. Because of his first wife’s behaviour, he does not trust women anymore. But he needs a wife. Or better, he needs a wife’s dowry to regain his family’s home, and a wife’s help to win the Queen’s favour. So when a merchant offers him his daughter, Marget, the Earl thinks he can easily achieve his purposes by marrying the girl. But he has not considered Marget’s beautyHow would you describe a book that you loved in the beginning and almost hated i [...]

    AAAAAAH MY FEELINGS ARE SO MIXED UP HOW CAN I EVER DECIDE ON THE RATING OR WHAT TO WRITE IN THIS REVIEW OR ANYTHING?!?!?!I guess I'll just go with 4 stars. I mean, in some ways it's a five star book, but in others it's a three, so there you go.Okay, let's see rushed ending. No epilogue (what the what? How do I know if? and if? etc.) The rest of the story was pretty good.The content is probably not best for younger teens. In fact, I'd maybe say "PG-13" would be a good rating for this book bec [...]

    I desperately wanted to read this book. I love the setting (Elizabethan England) and what I read, it was described very well.However, I couldn't connect with the characters. It's done from two POVs but each POV is done in first person, and it often got confusing who was talking. I thought after each chapter or chapter break it would be the next person talking, and would often assume suchd then I'd get a paragraph in and find out it was the other. I didn't think that the characters were fleshed o [...]

    Update while I enjoyed learning so much (about history) in this book, I have to really think that it is way to much on the way of LOVE and not God's love but man and wife like love and it is SO much about that while still staying "clean" but not really you know? So yeah why this is not a five star for me anymore. I love how this book was written and how the author went about the love story. The character development was so good! And I learned a lot about the time that this book is set in. (was f [...]

    This was my first Siri Mitchell book. I'd seen her name numerous times and wanted to give her a try.The book was really interesting to me - while the characters were frustrating at times (WHY could that girl not mature a little faster and WHY was her husband so stubborn) the setting and historical details were spot-on.I'd recommend this book to anyone interested in the Elizabethan era, and I'd also recommend it to any teachers out there who teach Shakespeare.

    This authentic story set in the court of Queen Elizabeth I shows up this era as one of the most undesirable times to be alive, not just for destitute peasants but for the gentry too. Marget, the daughter of a knight, finds herself in an arranged marriage with the Earl of Lytham. I found it heartbreaking to see her coerced into doing things as fashionable society dictated, to her detriment and harm. She was just a good-intentioned, kind-hearted girl compelled to ruin her spirits and health in the [...]

    The beginning of this story was intriguing. It had the Other Boleyn Girl mixed with Pride and Prejudice versus Anna Karenina thing going on, then all of the sudden just started really being depressing. Her losing so many babies, the flood, the queen, the effects of the "painting" with mercury & lead, and of course the diseases and epidemic breakouts. I questioned why Marget was doing all of this for Lytham and not even asking him about if what she was doing would help or hinder his career as [...]

    I almost think one needs a constant heart to finish "A Constant Heart" - not because it's poorly written but because it's so well written and there is so much angst that it was hard for me to read it straight through. The characters were so believable that you could feel their pain, their struggle, their demise, there frustrations I wish the end had been extended a bit so we could see a bit more happiness without the constant struggles of the court they escaped. Just one more short little chapte [...]

    Siri Mitchell is one of those spectacular authors with well-written, well-researched stories. For the historical information, I love her books She captures what it was like to live in whatever period of time she is writing about. As in A Constant Heart, I learned what it was like in Queen Elizabeth's court and was completely appalled. I can't believe women would paint their faces white and friz their hair (in other words, destroy their beauty) to fit in with the court! This story was very heart- [...]

    About the book:Born with the face of an angel, Marget Barnardsen is blessed. Her father is a knight and now she is to be married to the Earl of Lytham. Her destiny is guaranteed least, it would seem so. But when her introduction to court goes awry and Queen Elizabeth despises her, Marget fears she's lost her husband forever. Desperate to win him back, she'll do whatever it takes to discover how she failed and capture the love of a man bound to the queen. My review:First, let me say that the cove [...]

    Marget Barnardsen is blessed, she is beautiful, and her father is a knight. At 17, she to be married to the Earl of Lytham, and she will be a countess. She seems destined to live a happy life. But her introduction to court and to Queen Elizabeth goes awry, the Queen clearly despises her. Now Marget fears losing her husband forever. Desperate to win him back, she does what she feels she has to do in order to keep in, and to fit in at court in order to help him gain the Queen's favor, even if that [...]

    Marget has trained to be a countess for twelve years, and her chance has come to put into practice all she has learned. She is to be married to the Earl of Lytham, who is a courtier to Queen Elizabeth. Marget saves her best friend, Joan, from an unwanted marriage and brings her to be a maid.Lytham’s first marriage was annulled due to infidelity, so he automatically distrusts Marget, and acts as if he hates her. When Lytham brings her to meet the Queen, she is so jealous of her beauty that she [...]

    This book started out really good! It caught my attention quickly, but I lost it just as quickly about half way through it. I kept wondering if Lytham & Margret would ever truly trust & love eachother. I understand that they didn't meet till their wedding day, but it felt like it went from the guarded, not really liking eachother to a passionate love that they had to hide overnight. I didn't like reading that they had to hide the fact that they were in love for fear that the queen would [...]

    I really enjoy well written and researched historical novels. This is the first Elizabethan era novel I've read and it was a real introduction to that time period. The back and forth relationship between the main characters was quite frustrating at times but the trials Marget and Lytham had to go through was a vivid portrait of courtier life during the English Renaissance. The imitation of and devotion to the Queen was fantastic in its reverence. The painting of the face, the dyeing of the hair, [...]

    Started out strong, but then sputtered out. There was not much of a plot or character arc. I didn't see much reason why the characters fell in love. It's very meh all around. Only read this if you are a freak for Elizabethan court historical fiction.Read Kissing Adrien instead. It's by the same author but you would never guess it. It's not historical fiction but it's a much better romance and a much better read in general.

    This book had good qualities definetly a historical fiction on make-up, it just seemed slow. went on and on about the bad side of bing in court with the queen, but not in a light way. The point of the book seemed to be how all the women wore make up that was killing them and their unborn children. I thought it was depressing!

    Siri Mitchell continues to be one of my favorite historical fiction authors. This one is no exception to her long line of wonderful books. It's interesting, it's terribly sad and gripping and fascinating for a history fan.

    Best for ages 18 and up for marital themes.This book was amazing! The historical details were both fascinating and accurate. There personal struggles of the characters were so heart tugging a real. A very good story.

    I'm still muddling my way through this book, trying to make sense of it and trying my hardest to understand and enjoy it. I am a major fan of historical fiction, and an even bigger fan of arranged marriage/romance budding from hate, so this book seemed at first glance to be ideal. And while we do have these aspects very thoroughly examined in this novel, I have just found it to be an overall drag to read. The characters lack any real depth; the viewpoint changes entirely too much and without eno [...]

    I think this is supposed to be a Christian historical fiction with a strong romance theme, but all it really shines at is giving a comprehensive historical look at court life under Queen Elizabeth I.The main characters occasionally make a vague reference to God, but that's about it. God certainly doesn't impact their lives at all.As for the romance, the 'hero' is self-centered, childish, ambitious, cruel, emotionally abusive of his wife, and a few other unflattering things. I was rooting for him [...]

    The earl of Lytham wants nothing more than to please the Queen and earn a good place in her court. But in 1590, Queen Elizabeth is not a woman whose favor is easily granted. Deciding to marry in order to use the dowry for improvements on his property, Lytham hopes for nothing more than that his new wife is homely and will not divide his attention away from the queen. On his wedding day he meets his bride and is beyond dismayed that she is a beautiful young thing, too much like his treacherous fi [...]

    In the Provo City Library, Constant Heart is found under the Romance section of the library. It's a forbidden area of the library, at least's supposed to be, and yet I've probably checked more books out from that section than anywhere else. Mostly because Provo's library doesn't require much to be considered a romance. I would have never put Constant Heart in the romance section It is more general, historical fiction.My main problem with the book isn't really fair. I wanted Marget to be stronger [...]

    Mitchell's book was a different sort of read for me. I like historical fiction, but usually they have more of a romantic theme in them. Mitchell's book to me was just historical fiction with a bit of romance. A Constant Heart was about the courtier's during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. Marget is a beautiful woman in a world where beauty is not allowed. She marries a courtier, Lytham, who thinks that beauty is a curse not a blessing and despises his wife for her looks. Marget encouraged by her [...]

    This story started out strong and I had great hopes for where it would take me. The first third of the book was great. There was friction between the characters and an interesting situation that the reader desperately wants resolved. But after it is resolved, for me the story lost momentum. But I was already so far into the book that I felt compelled to finish it.There were however moments throughout the book that really hit me that Siri executed brilliantly. Such as the child that was killed by [...]

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