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Facebook Commerce 2018: The Beginner’s Guide For Getting Started!

While the world is still seeking e-commerce in the form of large electronic stores targeting the world, there is a Facebook business benefiting from the Facebook group platform to create free small shops directly at the city or country level.

How can this change the form of global e-commerce, and what are its effects? Does it affect Amazon, for example, as the largest online store? Or is Facebook a mere phenomenon to be a mini-alternative to Amazon or e-bay.

If you have not purchased or sold your things, it is a reality that imposes itself on us. You can not ignore it, not only for its great number, but for the great benefits of it. Which 7 Figure Cycle stores do not find in a large electronic stores

7 Figure Cycle

7 Figure Cycle

The Pros of Facebook Stores

1 – Local easy direct and clear

Whether you are dealing with a Facebook group that represents a market at your city or county level or at the highest level of the city, it creates a local environment that helps you cope a lot. If you are in Egypt or Saudi Arabia, it is certainly easier to deal with your country in a Facebook group. Rather than going to a Chinese, Indian or Canadian person on Amazon.

This is an easy and direct mechanism to make anyone using Facebook able to trade as well. Here, I do not need to know about new mechanisms, but rather, It’s as easy as posting your photo or updating a case or commenting on someone else.

2. Payment in local currency No credit card complications

Because dealing at a local level, you do not have to get a credit card or a PayPal account which is not available to everyone, of course, especially if you are in a country legally penalized like Syria, Sudan or other countries where there is no PayPal, Facebook is the most important node facing e-commerce and is the payment methods, here payment is made in local currency and hand delivery or when sending the goods as a money order against the payment, and also these procedures practiced in your life a lot and you do not have to deal with electronic payment gates and there is no fear of committing Error or create an account and wait to activate it Then recharge it and then pay through it and the possibility of fraud on you.

3. Markets for everything and specialized markets

You may want to buy decorative fish, a used car, sell your rare book collection, etc. The options are too many for you whether you are a seller or a buyer. There are specialized shops locally, such as electronics or car sales at city level, such as Riyadh or Saudi Arabia. These stores are just a collection of Facebook, no more and no less, but they provide the platform that brings the seller to the buyer, and it is easy to display your order or your goods for sale or purchase, just write what you need in your dialect and add a picture of your request if you want or the product you will sell, It is the presentation that creates real social interaction with me People which revolves around Facebook.

4- There is no need to set up an electronic shop

Although there is open source software and free to create electronic stores, but there is also very expensive software and may have to be manually programmed or modified on the software is ready and this cost you a lot of money and time and effort and the use of an expert in programming, all this to get On your 7 Figure Cycle e-store, while simple and free clicks you can get a store on Facebook, just created a group and name it in the name of crossing and then describe and start promoting a little and then members will promote it and Facebook helps you also by proposing to the friends of those joining. You do not need to worry about booking a domain Addition and shop and installation, maintenance and protection and other complications.

5. Long-term relationships

Because buying and selling here is done in person, this opens the door between the seller and the buyer to establish personal relationships between them long-term and thus opens the opportunity for you to develop from your current work or identify new areas and many other possibilities possible, and this is not possible in electronic stores because it does not allow Any contact or direct contact between the seller and the purchaser thus creates a barrier between them and does not provide them with a clear communication mechanism such as telephone or e-mail, while the Facebook store depends entirely on this direct mechanism of communication between the parties to complete the transaction.

Cons of Facebook shops

1- The small market

Because 7 Figure Cycle Review stores are usually targeted to a small area of ​​the world, such as the city or most of the country, if you are a retailer and want to dispose of your goods through these stores, your chance of sales will be less than in international stores. In your mind, is my shop or the product that I order globally required to be in Amazon? Is my target segment only my city or is anyone able to pay will need the product and must buy it?

Generally, these stores have narrowed their scope so as to avoid the complexities of international stores where millions of goods and offers are displayed. Here on Facebook, goods are less and offers less, which is what some find a suitable opportunity for them.

2. Non-regulation

When Facebook launched groups to discuss and discuss a certain interest, and because it is not built to be an electronic store, you will inevitably suffer from the issue of lack of regulation or lack of jobs that are essential for electronic stores such as classification of goods for sale or purchase according to criteria set by price and time and country Shipping and more, on Facebook you will have to manually browse all the recently published offers and read them all to know the information you want, and this is an obstacle that limits the effectiveness of the Facebook store, as long as the offers are presented in the form of publications it is of course the priority of the latest publication appears on top Which has a more recent comment, so if you make an offer that has not received the attention and interest of members it will sink among hundreds of other offers, but what if a new person enters and really wants the product you offered? You may say that you should search the group, but what if your wording for your presentation is different from your wording for the search term, it will not find you, and here we miss the opportunity to make a sale.

3. Charity

The Facebook group is usually built as a non-profit platform to combine the seller and the buyer. Therefore, it does not make any profits as a merchant or any party, and it does not have any costs because it does not store the goods and does not technically pay for the establishment of the store. It costs the management and promotion without any returns, but it is positive at the same time for the buyer and the seller, so they will not pay additional expenses as commissions to the shop.

4. Limited quantities

These stores are found for individuals, especially for used products. Often, they are not intended for traders or retailers as a channel for products, and for buyers who are looking for large quantities of a particular product, the products are often sold only one piece, , But why not take advantage of all the advantages of the Facebook Store to be a platform for large-scale trading? The truth is that there is nothing to prevent this. If there were big requests there would be big offers.

This point leads us to the idea of ​​economies of scale, when you shop for books, for example, you can buy for your account large quantities of titles of certain books expect huge demand, so as a buyer you have the power to negotiate for a better price you can then display these books for sale at less than any store else..

In Facebook groups this is not possible because the manager of the store originally does not trade for him and his shop is only a platform between the two charity, or may put a fund to donate as simple commissions, which later benefit something for the benefit of the store and its members as a whole.

5. Trust

You can not talk about e-commerce without addressing the subject of trust is the first thing that interested anyone who wants to buy or sell online, where the electronic stores known organ system follow the sales or purchase by any person thus make him reputation from the scale of ten degrees Based on seller ratings or buyers, you can know how much confidence this person has. If you sell your Amazon product and come with a purchase from a trusted person you will not hesitate to sell it because you know it will pay off and will not be delayed. Similarly, if you want to buy a product that is available to thousands on Amazon, You will not buy it from someone who has a confidence index You reduce the fear of fraud or the real product is different from the supply and so on.

Back to the Facebook shops here there is no guarantee to deal between the parties and the management of the store disclaim any responsibility for fraud or manipulation where anyone is a charity platform to combine the parties, and there are no clear standards to know the level of confidence in any person, but you have to Each seller or purchaser follows his / her personal contact and identifies his or her clients’ evaluations as an image of him. This requires you to follow all that is published in the group, so if a new person enters, he will suffer from this point and will not know who the trusted person is.

Is e-commerce affected by Facebook trade?

No, most likely will not be affected by several reasons we can draw from the negatives and positives mentioned above, such as large stores such as Amazon, Which can provide competitive advantages not found in Facebook stores, such as free shipping or discounts, special offers for certain periods or free coupons, in addition to it is easy to identify the reliability of each person and it contains rights guarantee programs, which prevents all fraud and conduct and prohibit Sensation S crooks to maintain the reputation of the store as a whole.

The effects will be light and limited. For example, as long as these people do not have a credit card, they can not deal with Amazon, so they go to a group on Facebook to buy and sell. This segment of people does not affect Amazon because it is a missed opportunity.

But this does not mean that they are completely ignored as these new forms of commerce can develop in the future and become vulnerable to e-store quotas, especially if Facebook provides new tools and features to better manage groups to achieve trade through them, or if a Facebook store moves to An electronic store that has grown in size, fame, and volume. Here, e-shops find a strong, powerful competitor suddenly born in front of them, a difficult situation no one wants to be.

In the end, there are no statistics on the volume of operations of 7 Figure Cycle stores and what they represent of global e-commerce, but they are undoubtedly growing increasingly.

Tell us what do you think of these Facebook stores through dealing with them? Are there any negatives or positives you would like to add?

7 Figure Cycle Review – How To Start An eCommerce Business!

7 Figure Cycle is many things all at once. It is a one-stop shop suite of tools, an exercise training program, and a ready to go business that includes everything a customer needs to sell the product. 7 Figure Cycle system has been wildly successful in the past years, creating more than $50 million in sales in only the last several years. 7 Figure Cycle Training Program was created by the veterans of eCommerce Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton.

7-Figure Cycle System


At heart, 7 Figure Cycle Reviews is an eCommerce training program. The core of the system is the cyclical process of selling different products online based using eCommerce strategies. It allows for earnings to grow rapidly so that the seller is able to build up a highly profitable stream of income in only a few weeks.

What makes the 7 Figure Cycle system so appealing is its simplicity. 7 Figure Cycle is extremely achievable for sellers to create a full 7 figure income stream because of the model’s compounding characteristics. Yet the story is even better than this…

Because of the combination of a variety of factors listed below, participants are able to achieve the following with no:

Weeks’ worth of waiting to get the product delivered
Spending huge sums of money on the products ($100 is more than enough)
Customer support provision
Product branding or development required
Requirement to pay for ads

7 Figure Cycle Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton were able to accomplish all of this through utilizing their distributor network based within the United States. The distributors provide access to millions of actual products listed in product catalogs. The company then plays with the data from the SKU’s to pick out the greatest opportunities, gets these over to Amazon, and allows Amazon to do the rest of the work on their behalf.

7 Figure Cycle

7 Figure Cycle

7 Figure Cycle Review – How To Start An eCommerce Business!

Regardless of whether it’s running an online-just store or adding internet shopping to a built up physical business, web deals are essential. The individuals who don’t figure out how to offer their products by means of the web will rapidly observe their clients take their cash somewhere else.

As of Q2 2017, internet business represented 17.5 percent of customer spending, as indicated by an investigation by comScore. The examination demonstrated that 1 of every 6 U.S. dollars are spent on the web.

Customers refer to various explanations behind their web based shopping inclinations, including that it spares them time, makes looking at costs simple, doesn’t require battling through swarmed stores and gives a bigger assortment of things to buy.

Organizations have two fundamental alternatives for offering merchandise on the web: run their own web based business sites or offer their products in a built up online commercial center. To run their own web based business locales, organizations require a few basic administrations and bits of programming. Among the most imperative are a web facilitating administration, shopping basket programming and a Visa processor.

Private companies can take the less difficult course of setting up a store in one of the numerous online commercial centers, for example, Amazon, eBay or Etsy.

Manager’s Note: Looking for a web based business web designer for your 7 Figure Cycle Download business? In case you’re searching for data to enable you to pick the one believe it or not for you, utilize the poll underneath to have our sister site, BuyerZone, furnish you with data from an assortment of merchants for nothing:

Experts of internet business

Offering products and ventures online has a wide assortment of advantages. Most fundamentally, it opens organizations up to a considerably bigger client base than they can access with a physical area alone. With a web based business website, organizations aren’t restricted to pitching their stock to those in and around their nearby groups. Customers all around the world can get to the locales, fundamentally boosting the potential for benefit.

In another also, web based business organizations dependably remain open. While most physical areas may work eight to 10 hours every day, web based business organizations circled the clock. Having the capacity to profits at extremely inconvenient times of the day is a major favorable position.

Maintaining an online business can likewise decrease costs. In particular, online-just organizations don’t need to pay lease on a physical area and don’t need to pay representatives. Since they don’t require a similar measure of labor to run, these organizations appreciate gigantic cost funds. [Read related story: How to Start a Business: Step by Step]

Stock expenses likewise fall for online stores. Web based business organizations don’t confront an indistinguishable requests from physical endeavors, which must remain completely loaded consistently. Online stores, by differentiate, can keep stock low utilizing drop-shipping techniques, in which items are transported to customers straight from the maker.

Web based business operations are likewise promptly adaptable, which means it is anything but difficult to begin off little and grow as required. That can be substantially harder with physical organizations, since developing regularly implies finding another, bigger area to house the business.

Cons of online business

Online business has a few downsides as well. Online stores regularly miss out on the capacity to interface with their clients face to face. Physical organizations can assemble their client bases by making individual associations with purchasers. The main path for online shops to do this is through generic methods for help, for example, email or live visit.

Web based business wanders likewise confront merciless rivalry. For each online business, at any rate another 10 organizations on the web offer a similar thing. A huge number of internet business locales work around the world, which means online organizations must work considerably harder than physical organizations to emerge from the group.

At last, online business organizations must manage specialized issues that physical areas never confront. Web based business organizations are run totally on the web, so if something turns out badly with the site, Visa processor or some other part of the operation, the business needs to close down to be settled. While some of these issues might be out of the entrepreneur’s hands, they have a similar outcome: lost cash and lost clients.

What’s required for a web based business

While opening a web based business can be generally simple, you require various things to begin. Here is a summary of everything a business visionary must need to open a web based business.

Item to offer: in particular, entrepreneurs require something they can offer. Fortunately with the web, this can be fundamentally anything. Huge or little, costly or shabby, any thing can be sold on the web. Likewise, since the business is run on the web, online business proprietors have the alternative of offering computerized merchandise that can be downloaded to a client’s PC or cell phone.

Space name: Before a private company can begin fabricating an internet business site, it needs an area name. This is the online address at which customers can discover the business’ site. Most online business space names end in either “.com” or “.net.” The area name should coordinate the business’ name as nearly as could be expected under the circumstances.

Web facilitating administration: You’ll require a web facilitating administration to distribute the site online for customers to see. These administrations store the information records that make up sites, and afterward transfer those documents to the web for survey by the individuals who visit the webpage through its official space name.

Site: The site fills in as a business’ online home. The website, which can be made with the assistance of either web facilitating administrations or internet business programming, must component the items the business needs to offer and offer an approach to offer those things straightforwardly to buyers. The web composition’s ought to urge customers to stay and make buys.

Portable: Just as essential as your site, a nearness on cell phones is more critical than any other time in recent memory, with more individuals purchasing straightforwardly from their cell phones. Your site should be streamlined for versatile, which means it powerfully changes size and format for simple perusing on littler screens. You can likewise construct an extraordinary application that clients can download. [Read related story: Building a Website: A Small Business Guide]

Shopping basket programming: To offer things from a web based business site to clients, you require shopping basket programming. These projects allow customers to look through the business’ stock to perceive what’s accessible, select things they need to buy and inevitably get them. Notwithstanding helping with exchanges, many shopping basket programming choices incorporate highlights for controlling stock, setting up transportation and computing charges.

Dealer administrations supplier: Since online organizations can’t acknowledge money installments by means of the site, they require a shipper administrations supplier to deal with their credit and platinum card needs. This administration goes about as a connection between the business, client and charge card organization. It forms the installments and takes the cash from a charge card record and places it into the business’ record, otherwise called a shipper account. Most dealer specialist co-ops offer this sort of financial balance, which goes about as a holding area for the charge and Visa installments an online business gathers. Once the assets have been affirmed, the dealer administrations supplier exchanges the cash, short a commission, to the entrepreneur’s financial balance. Without a trader administrations supplier, a private company has no chance to get of gathering cash from clients.

Advertising: All fruitful web based business organizations have a technique for pulling in clients to their locales. Without a precisely thoroughly considered arrangement, turning a benefit turns out to be significantly more troublesome. Different promoting choices online organizations have available to them incorporate site design improvement (SEO), pay-per-click publicizing, and email and web-based social networking efforts. Your site ought to have connects to the business’ online networking pages and offer approaches to subscribe to electronic bulletins and arrangements as techniques to hold clients returning.

Online business programming

While online entrepreneurs do require a few things to get up and running, there are across the board answers for help you. Web based business programming disentangles the way toward opening an online store by strolling proprietors through each progression of the procedure, including enlisting an area name, outlining a site, transferring and overseeing stock, associating with a shopping basket, and giving secure installment alternatives to customers.

While picking internet business programming, entrepreneurs ought to consider a few elements. The product should fuse all parts of making and keeping up an internet business site, for example, facilitating, web composition and SEO mix. Moreover, entrepreneurs ought to guarantee the product offers a shopping basket fit for tolerating an assortment of installments, including Mastercards, PayPal and eChecks. At last, the product ought to give first rate security, for example, misrepresentation and secure attachments layer assurance, to give customers genuine feelings of serenity that their own data won’t wind up in the wrong hands.

Most web based business programming suppliers charge online organizations a month to month expense for their administrations. While the vast majority of the best programming suppliers postpone a setup charge, month to month expenses can run from $15 to $300 a month relying upon a few components, including how expansive the online store is and what number of the product’s administrations the entrepreneur needs.

Our sister site, Top Ten Reviews, has done broad, top to bottom surveys of various online business programming choices. These are its best three alternatives:

3dcart, which enables you to make a novel site with its flexible customization devices, a lot of mixes and simple checkout process

Shopify, which includes an accessible client menu for focused promoting efforts and a ton of adaptability to develop with your business

Volusion, which offers propelled security and back-room devices, and incorporates with Amazon to help deals

Outsider locales

Entrepreneurs who feel making their own particular internet business website is excessively troublesome have different choices for offering products on the web. In one progressively well known strategy, numerous business people experience an outsider supplier, similar to Amazon. These huge scale online commercial centers give every individual business its own particular page inside the outsider supplier’s website.

The advantage of such locales is that entrepreneurs don’t need to set up a broad online business site and manage the bother of tolerating installments. The procedure is exceptionally straightforward. Inside hours, any entrepreneur can enlist in the commercial center, set up a page and begin offering.

One major negative of such destinations is the cost. Most online commercial centers charge a large group of expenses, including those to list things, which are for the most part 20 to 25 pennies for every thing, in addition to a level of every deal, which can be 3 to 10 percent of the aggregate deal cost.

Furthermore, customers must look for the business inside the immense commercial center. While a customary web based business webpage just has items recorded for one business, guests to destinations like eBay or Amazon will see a wide assortment of merchandise. Despite the fact that every business has its own page on these locales, different merchants can without much of a stretch bait a customer toward another path. This can make bringing deals to a close substantially more troublesome.

A portion of the more prominent online commercial centers today are eBay, Etsy, Amazon, Yahoo Shopping, Overstock.com, eCrater, Webstore.com and Bonanza.

7 Figure Cycle